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Why Kids Make the Best Salespeople

You know that time of year when little Girl Guides go door to door selling Girl Guide cookies?  You think it would get old, selling the same cookies year in and year out but it never does. In fact a few years ago Girl Guides came out with new mint cookies to satisfy supply and demand.  88% of consumers shell out cash for at least one box if not more.  I believe I have figured a number of reasons that define the secret to the Girl Guides success:

  1. Kids are appealingly fresh and new at sales.  They’re excited and that truly shines through.
  2. Kids don’t lie about their product.Who on earth is going to ask ‘what will these cookies do for me?’ Duh. If someone did, kids will tell you the truth: “they taste good and they are a treat for when you behave well.” We all deserve a reward now and then.
  3. Kids sell for purely altruistic reasons … usually. During chocolate season, some schools offer tangible a CD player or a bicycle to the highest-earning salespeople. But Girl Guides don’t do that and still they bring in phenomenal profits. video: Girl Guides Promo
  4. Kids make purchasing a product easy for consumers by bringing it right to their door … think Sears.
  5. Girl Guides reputation in the community  …  no brainer.
  6. Kids don’t have bills to pay. No pressure, no sense of urgency with the sale.

video:  Girl Guide Cookies Are Here – this is too cute – little boy interviews his sister about her cookies

Therein lies the the true secrets for kids’ sales success. What’s in it for them financially? Nothing. What’s in it for them personally? Everything. 

  • Self-esteem,
  • getting attention from adults,
  • being taken seriously,
  • practicing a new skill,
  • selling with friends,
  • feeling good about aiding something bigger than themselves. 


Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? It’s hard to resist purchasing a product from a sales rep that operates without guile or greed. It really is true that salespeople sell themselves as well as a product. video: What Can a Girl Guide Cookie Do? – tear jerker

You and me we aren’t fresh-faced little 
kids anymore. But … Enjoy your job. Enjoy your customers. Put that in the forefront of your mind and who knows, you might sell a little more with a newer, fresher attitude than you did when all you could think about was paying your bills.

video:  Dilbert The Sales Call


  1. They don’t take seriously!

    Learn from them…

    Comment by Jimmy Crimmins | March 31, 2015 | Reply

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