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Got Prezi?

PowerPoint is so over. An old school colleague of mine informed me about this completely cool presentation software called Prezi (www.prezi.com ).  It is a little  more complicated to learn initially than PPT, but it’s worth learning. Prezi gives good presentation for a number of reasons:

  1. it’s free!
  2. attractive – there are a variety of colour themes including a colour wizard
  3. visual networks/groupings – you can group different objects into one area using connective icons such as brackets, arrows, or other visuals
  4. practical – can be used during a live presentation or left online as a recording
  5. lots of links can be added …  powerpoints, graphics, photos, movies, music, spreadsheets, word docs, slideshares, youtubes, pdfs, blogs, websites, other prezis, u name it, prezi can link it.
  6. prezi can be linked to virtually any software … your website, your blog, your spreadsheet, etc.
  7. different – than PowerPoint … haven’t we seen enough of those???
  8. portable – you can opt to purchase Prezi software to download your prezi onto…but it isn’t necessary, meaning there are several ways to share a prezi even without use of the internet.

Here is a sample prezi I made…


go make some nice prezis…

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