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“You’re Not Skinny” is a Compliment, Not an Insult

I watched a brief exchange between the Kardashians and Oprah (I thought that old broad was retired) and brother Rob  told his 3 sisters they are not skinny women.   watch Rob Kardashian to his sisters You’re Not Skinny! Looking at Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous figure I couldn’t agree more and I think her brother’s comment was a compliment.  She, however, didn’t like it and bluntly said so. In an attempt to defend himself, Rob told the sisters were great role models and I’m on his side. How is skinny a compliment? When did looking like a coat hanger with hair become sexy? A naturally thin woman or man is simply that: natural.  People who over-exercise and under-eat in order to achieve skinny have a psychological defect.  For some, this can be even more serious than self-esteem and media influence, although these two can be a deadly cocktail. watch Kim Kardashian Nude Photo

Everyone has seen pictures of Kim K in bikinis (or less) and her God-given body is anything but skinny. Hers is an enviable hourglass figure; curvy, womanly, healthy, the body that a grown adult should aspire toward, not a body like a 10-year-old boy. Skinny has become a body type, every bit as much as the types diet and fashion gurus have labelled the pear, the apple, the ruler and the hour-glass. That fashion and fitness “experts” have no medical or psychiatric training doesn’t seem to register: we simply accept these silly labels as if they were legitimate. watch body type diet and the four body types

Skinny is a body type some girls experience during childhood, and others into their teens.  Usually girls don’t work towards a slender physique. They simply have one.  That’s normal. Puberty doesn’t start until 12 or 13.  Young girls haven’t had babies. They are still producing the HGH or human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. These are not true figures.  Children this age haven’t grown into their body type yet and won’t for several years. The media emphasis on an undeveloped body is abnormal but just as disturbing is the number of adult women who accept it and try to achieve it. Sometimes the desire to be thin can be deadly: eating disorders, over-exercising, bingeing and purging, laxatives, are among the many ways people attempt Skinny. Most people simply believe that these behaviours are a biological disorder, however for most people they are symptoms of a severe psychological dysfunction. Chronic behaviours to achieve Skinny result in moodiness, suicidal ideation, social isolation, depression, obsession with one’s appearance, not to mention physical disorders and side effects such as osteoporosis, hair loss, menstrual irregularity, and tooth decay. This is Skinny taken to an extreme. watch 14 eating disorders and facts you never knew

Many people with eating disorders have a fear of lack of control over their lives or environments. Anorexics report that their restricted eating is their personal way of sustaining control. Typically this fear stems from unhealthy relationships, mental illness, or unstable living conditions.  Young women living in chaotic households where parents and spouses are often absent for unexplained reasons tend to influence the onset of an eating disorder. frequent Negative sexual experiences  such as childhood sexual abuse can cause a person not to eat or purposefully vomit. One adult child abuse survivor was interviewed for a magazine and she stated she became anorexic because she wanted to “disappear” so men wouldn’t notice and abuse her. Another stated it felt good to “feel hollow.”  There are legitimate biological reasons for eating disorders that include genetics, epigenetic, and brain chemistry defects are proven culprits. In many cases, eating disorders develop from depression or alcohol and drug abuse problems. watch erasing ED trailer

It is social, external influences that are most disturbing.  Combined with any of the above conditions, a woman is almost pre-destined to become a victim. The large number of women who do not have genetic or abusive factors influencing their self-esteem are the most worrisome. They can largely control their behaviours and self-esteem. It’s a choice whether or not to allow the media, fashion designers, or other people dictate how women should look. Many women accept the body Mother Nature gave them. They aren’t flawless. They have imperfections but they manage to accept them. These are women who have healthy diets and lifestyles and refuse to allow the media to dictate their self-esteem. There are  strange books on the market called Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard (lovely). It advocates eating healthy food and practicing self-discipline, not for health’s sake, but in order to achieve Skinny. The bitch in Skinny Bitch means making other women envious. It is a big seller. Too bad it wasn’t censored. watch skinny bitch author interview rory freedman 

Healthy women generally aren’t Skinny. They are role models to girls, especially their own daughters. They aren’t self-obsessed. They have a healthy weight range. They have a life outside of Me. Someone should write a best seller about that.

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Cult Phenomenon Series 1 The Breatharians and Diet Coke (again)


a very suggestible, gullible person (sucker)

  1. an outcast and loner (loser in life)
  2. weak or no family ties (daddy had boundary issues)
  3. transient person (homeless)
  4. desire for power
  5. Internet followers find easy, virtual access




  1. desire to exert power and control (bully)
  2. narcissistic/sociopathic
  3. validated by the admiration and dependency of others (Blanche DuBois comes to mind)
  4. mentally ill or have a  personality disorder (who would have guessed)
  5. unrealistic life plan – no job, frequently states “the Lord will provide” (unmotivated)
  6. secretly afraid of being “found out”
  7. goal is the total enslavement of victims  Read Profile of Cult Leaders

The Breatharians are a group of utterly delusional people who believe they do not need food or drink to survive.   They are a cult but not one that is grouped together into one creepy, old church or in a corner of northern Guyana. They have shares in Dentyne gum…just kidding. Watch Mr Breatharian. Some of their beliefs include:

  1. Eating has little to do with hunger or nourishment .
  2. Many people are drawn to food that causes physical suffering thus mirroring emotional suffering.
  3. Bodies don’t have to age and there doesnt have to be a time-limit on a person’s life. So all those midwestern Americans are right about Elvis.
  4. People only need the sustenance that comes from light nourishment. So turn on the lights and suck in those calories.


The “goddess” of the Breatharians is an aging, grey-haired woman named Jasmuheen (Ellen Greve), one of the biggest con women the world has ever known.  One of her claims is that in relation to aging she has “discovered an ability that lets me “psychicly see” things on cellular, chemical, and vibrational levels.” Another claim is” I crave for some specific food item perhaps once every two weeks, and will eat the specific amount that I need, or half a mouthful if it is liquid.”And my personal favourite, “I can go for months without having anything other than a cup of tea.”Watch universal laws with jasmuheen


She was revealed as a fraud on Australian 60 Minutes in a hotel experiment. 60 Minutes holed Jasmuheen up in a comfortable hotel 24/7 without food or water. day 2: symptoms of acute dehydration, stress and high blood pressure. Jasmuheen claimed it was polluted air.  day 3:  she lost over 14 lbs in weight. day 4 the producers stopped the experiment since Jasmuheen was facing kidney failure. Jasmuheen’s teachings led to the deaths of 3 followers. Jasmuheen’s sensitive response was that a victim was “not coming from a place of integrity and did not have the right motivation.”  watch breatharian fail jasmuheen 60 minutes


Wiley Brooks is founder of the Breatharian Institute of America. In 1983 he was reportedly observed leaving a Santa Cruz 7-Eleven with a slurpee, hot dog and twinkies. He told Colors magazine in 2003 that he periodically breaks his fasting with a cheeseburger and a cola, explaining he’s surrounded by junk culture and junk food, and that consuming them adds balance. He claims polluted people cause him to have difficulty in adjusting fully to the Breatharian diet. Hey, excuse us for farting now and then. He insists that Diet Coke is “liquid light”(He ought to read my blog  . watch breatharianism – Wiley Brooks on the tomorrow show with tom snyder  That said, I’m going to pick up a copy of Jasmuheen’s more ridiculous of her Breatharian books (coin toss), make a bologna sandwich and a slurpee, and settle in for a good read.  watch prezi jasmuheen and the breatharians

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Facts You Didn’t Know (Really) About the 12 Types of Eating Disorders

You are familiar with the three most common types of eating disorders (ED) of course: bulimia, (binge eating then purguing through vomit, enemas, laxatives, and over-exercising) binge eating,(eating excessive amounts of food without purging) and anorexia (self-starvation). watch gorgeous gorge.  Here are 9 variants on these EDs you didn’t know about:


  1. rumination syndrome –  regurgitation of food which is re-chewed and re-swallowed or discarded.
  2. diabulimia disorder – manipulation of insulin levels to control weight.
  3. food maintenance – children in foster care with abherrent eating behaviours.
  4. purging disorder – a person who constantly purges without binging.
  5. female triathlete disorder –  disordered eating behavior, amenorrhea, and decreased bone mineral density.
  6. Eating Disorders Otherwise Not Specified – for example a female of normal weight who is anorexic.
  7. Pica Syndrome – a person who eats inedible objects such as dirt or paper clips. Watch dirt eater.  watch bank ruptured
  8. Night eating syndrome – consists of morning anorexia, evening polyphagia (abnormally increased appetite for food).
  9. Orthorexia nervosa is an obsession with a diet where it interferes with a person’s life.

People who struggle with EDs may overcome their afflictions but will never be “cured.” Watch anorexia’s living face (this woman is now deceased).

Causes – Biological

Genetics – Genetic predisposition accounts for EDs although this behaviour can be altered by environmental infuences.

Biochemical – dysregulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. Children who have Tourettes or OCD and have suffered strep throat or scarlet fever may be predisposed to an ED. watch embarrassing bodies: boy with eating disorder back at clinic

Lesions – on the right frontal lobe or temporal lobe of the brain.

Tumours – in various areas of the brain.

Obstetrics – mothers who smoke, had anemia and gave birth either prematurely or to a low weight child watch mommy’s minute eating disorders and pregnancy

Body dysmorphia – a neurological condition where a person sees various body parts as deformed.  These people are unable to stop agonizing over what they believe are their deformities. watch too ugly for love – part I

Causes – Psychological

Learned behaviour – if a mother has an ED it is likely her daughter/son will follow in her footsteps. Watch binge eating part I

Self-loathing – body hatred and low self-esteem. Watch thin – eating disorders part I

The Media – of course, Old Faithful is a huge influence. watch face the facts – teens and media

Emotional abuse – families that torment the “fattest” family member drive him/her into an ED. watch 9 physical and mental symptoms of verbal abuse I knew a girl whose family was obese including her 2 sisters. They decided she was the fattest, poked fun at her and made her into the family scapegoat.

Sexual abuse – some young women gain or lose tremendous amounts of weight so they will be less attractive or “invisible” and won’t be approached by males. As many as 50% of anorexic and bulimic women

Personality traits –  may have a genetic component. An obsession with perfection and a need to control oneself if that person’s environment is unstable.  watch anorexia vs obesity

Social Isolation – remember my blog Serial Killers: Myths Modes and Mannerisms, stating that social rejection was a key factor in pathology?

Foster homes – as many as 25% of children raised in FHs have EDs watch children sexually abused foster home pennsylvania, 11 children in home

Dysfunctional homes – I have a friend (“Fran”) whose mother taunted her about her weight when she was a teenager. In her 20’s she changed her eating and exercising habits, although she also had an ED. For revenge, Fran embarrasses her mother by buying her  gifts of clothing she knows are too small for her. watch the underlying causes of eating disorders

And now to lighten the mood:  Family Guy: Who wants chowder?

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Runaways and Homelessness

The number of runaways has been growing since 1994. The majority of missing children are runaways–in 2002, of the 66,532 children reported missing, 52,390 were runaways. That doesn’t include young people whose parents or guardians did not file a missing children’s report. There are a plethora of reasons why families don’t report their teenagers as missing:

  1. can’t handle teens’ behaviour
  2. pressure from spouse
  3. don’t want police bringing child home
  4. lack of finances to feed and clothe the child
  5. apathy; neglect
  6. other issues

Watch more teenage runaways

Teenage Canadians flee home for lots of reasons. Some have been abused, while others don’t fit in at school, are LGBT, or they don’t fit in with their home towns.  Toronto has created a 12-member police squad to deal with runaways: arresting, charging and moving them to other areas. Many teens have mental health issues or borderline IQs. Street kids also are drawn into the sex trade, working as prostitutes or strippers. The teenage sex trade is rampant across Canada. watch notebook: runaways

Facts about Teenage Runaways:


  1. Most missing children are repeat runaways
  2. Most teens run away to escape intolerable conditions at home.
  3. Runaways feel neglected and have psychological problems.
  4. Teens will return home to see if difficult issues have changed and and if not,  they leave again.
  5. Teen runaways are more likely to get arrested than other teens. watch teenage runaways in the UK

Prospects for homeless teens are very poor.  Many do not get off the streets and become homeless adults, living a life of crime and poverty. Some die in their teens or 20’s. Most are unable to leave prostitution and become addicted to drugs.  Many teens become single mothers and are incapable of caring for their children. They face constant threat of violence/rape.

Ways we can help:

  1. donate money and clothing to street outreach programs
  2. donate food to food banks
  3. volunteer in youth hostels and soup kitchens
  4. hold Canadian government accountable for change in child abuse and homelessness laws
  5. ensure runaway programs are funded and supported
  6. work in the mental health field specializing in youth treatment programs
  7. report suspected or known child abuse

watch homelessness –  a short film

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