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Holy Houdac Horrors, Batman!

I hate Tim Hudac. Who? Hudak is the idiot running for Ontario Premiere as a representative of the equally idiotic Ontario Conservative Party  in a neck and neck race against Kathleen Wynn, the representative of the Ontario Liberal Party. Hudak frightens me on so many levels. In the mid-1990s, when Mike Harris butchered the province’s funding, damaged the education system with by cutting 50 million dollars in funding, made the medical establishment work about 20 hours overtime unpaid without enough doctors for people who were placed on wait-lists for a year or more, and messed up a number of infrastructures in law enforcement, that was bad. It was the darkest time in Ontario’s political history. Jobs were cut in both public and private sectors. Of course being a corporate kiss-ass (that, after all is that the Conservatives are about), he made life for corporations and profiteers as cushy as possible, and the end result was tragedy on so many levels. Let me offer an example, Harris allowed companies to initiate their own quality control panel. This meant that no longer would government test and approve or disapprove the quality of meat, milk, clothing, toxic chemicals, you name it. It also extended oddly to the public sector. Hence, there were two very scary outcomes:

  1. The small county of Walkerton lost 6 lives due to poor quality control management of the water facility. Water was contaminated by Escherichia coli (E. coli). At the time of the event in May 2000, Stan Kobel was manager and Frank Kobel (bit of nepotism that) was water foreman. Neither had any formal training and retained their jobs through three decades of on-the-job experience. The water supply became contaminated with the highly dangerous strain of E. Coli bacteria, from farm runoff into an adjacent well that had been known for years to be vulnerable to EscherichiaColi_NIAIDcontamination.Starting 11 May 2000, many people of the community of about 5,000 people began to simultaneously experience bloody diarrhea, gastrointestinal infections and other symptoms of E. coli infection. For days the Walkerton Public Utilities Commission (headed by the brothers Kobel) insisted the water supply was “OK” despite being in possession of laboratory tests that had found evidence of contamination. This almost sounds like a creepy film noir. However, as the Walkerton tragedy grew in severity the two were eventually part of the criminal investigation into the tragedy, and, as a result, both pled guilty to a charge of common nuisance. They admitted to falsifying reports and Frank admitted to drinking on the job, as a beer fridge did exist at the facility No kidding. And all this due to the open (beer fridge) door policy on quality control. Later, businesses that lost major profit or were forced to close due to the use of the tainted water weren`t compensated for the financial damages. More than 6,700 personal claims have been made by the public for illness-related costs. $65 million dollars was issued to cover these costs. Some people developed life long diseases. One child, who was infected by E. coli as an infant and survived, later developed Type I Diabetes directly as a result of his infection with E. coli.
    Recently in a public address Wynne commented to the Walkerton situation. (This argument is made for Hudak not against him, but I decided to include it to show the desperate measures, not of Wynne, but of the Conservatives et al in trying to sidestep the true responsibility in this tragedy, being the Conservative government). Kobels or not, the situation arose because it could. And it could because of Conservative cutbacks allowing for corporations to still their own quality control people. For his part Hudak commented, Ì think it`s rather sad to see the premiere of Ontario take advantage of that for political gain.` Well if that don`t break your heart. The only political gain here is that Wynne is assuring us this will never happen again under the Liberal Party leadership. It`s about avoiding cutbacks wherever possible, hence the reason she referenced Walkerton. Good! I want that issued directly addressed. And the reason the woman is doing so is that she knows damned well that if Hudak (god in heaven please no) wins the election, Walkerton will have to start boiling its water all over again.
  2. Maple Leaf Products, a massive operation,is another example of a corporation when, in 2008, it failed via its lack of quality control and killed 5 people, sickened dozens of others, and had a major recall of their products, including those used by McDonald’s and Schneider`s sausage. They launched quite a campaign to tell people how sorry they were….then they went right back to using their own in-house quality control people. The Canada Food Inspection Agency issued a public warning not to consume Maple Leaf products due to the possibility of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria that causes infections of the central nervous system (meningitis, meningoencephalitis, brain abscess, cerebritis). The Conservative government’s changes were the subject of controversy as academics and the opposition expressed concerns over the few details that emerged about the Conservative Federal government’s supervision. Hey listen, Harper isn`t our friend either. He doesn`t care who gets taken out by a little listeria here and there. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the money…..oops I mean many. Maple Leaf CEO Michael McCain addressed the public through an ad campaign wherein he stated, `this week our  best efforts failed and we are deeply sorry.“ Therein lies the rub. Was it truly their best efforts or something significantly below them, something perhaps related to the internal power to control the quality of one`s own product. Notice the expert coaching that was used on McCain during his public address: stoop shoulders, sad eyes, folded hands. He looks like an altar boy who stole a (sausage) cookie from a cookie jar and is praying for forgiveness. There`s a reason why sociologists claim body language is more important than words…..it makes 90% of the impression our brains get during a conversation. Well they do say a (moving) picture is worth 1,000 words. However that was then, this is now. Apparently the death toll hasn`t continued with Maple Leaf and Hamilton, Ontario is pretty confident it won`t return.

Just think about that if you will. This wasn’t only about job loss and increased taxation for the public, people died because of Harris’ policies!  They died! Well, here’s a word for you in terms of Conservative policy in Ontario: in the current election that is taking place even as I blog, Hudak, if (god in heaven forbid) gets elected, he will make Harris look like a boy scout.Meanwhile, Hudac`s exciting new plan with the Ontario budget is to immediately cut 100,000 public servant jobs, whilst simultaneously creating 500,000 more. How does one manage that. Does he mean he is actually creating 400,000 jobs but has managed to put Tim Hudakthat half a million number in people`s heads. Truly the man thinks we are totally stupid. Mind you Hudak is claiming that he is actually going to generate one million jobs for us. Whoa, Nellie. The other half million jobs are the result of the Harper government. We get those gems regardless of who wins. Still Hudak claims it is feasible for him to guarantee a million jobs – meaning he will need to generate 125,000 a year for the following 8 years (two terms). In the history of Ontario the most jobs that have been generated a year is 85,000. Hudak insists `we have done it before.“ When. Per year. What evidence do we have of that. Keep in mind that Hudak`s continued bullshit hasn`t escaped the notice of his own party. Even they hate him! A number of his own cabinet have stated that Hudak is the wrong man for the job and is only out for himself. Personally I never heard of a Conservative who wasn`t….but Hudak is a menace unto himself. When your own cabinet hates you…..for example, .Hudak has had to make recently within his own caucus. Hudak recently fired Randy Hillier as PC labour critic for his email to the caucus expressing concerns that Hudak could be open to criticism that he used a private members’ bill to try to get donations from EllisDon, a large construction company. Hillier responded in kind: “Tim Hudak demanded that I both apologize for allegedly breaking caucus confidentiality and to publicly retract the comments I had made in the aforementioned email,” said Hillier. I made it clear to Tim that under no circumstances would I retract the comments and concerns that I raised three months ago, and that I still stand by to this day.” The Huffington Post revealed that Hillier did not release his original email to The Canadian Press, but confirmed a key part of its contents: “In caucus, it was stated quite explicitly that following a successful EllisDon fundraiser for Tim, our party would continue to benefit financially with the advancement of this legislation.” Hudak also removed Peter Shurman as the PC finance critic after the MPP refused to pay back a $20,000 housing allowance for a Niagara residence.

wynneFirings here, firings, there, corruption revealed all over the place and of course all of it related to the core of the Conservative party`s interests being money. Now check out Premier taking advantage of the Conservatives’ infighting and calling a snap election in the midst of the Conservative scandals.  Instead she wants to govern and make the minority legislature work. Clearly, there has to be another agenda at work here. The latter has been done and to unpredictable results. Sometimes the party that calls the election is defeated in spite of the controversy among the opposition. It can be a 50-50 coin flip, so why risk the unnecessary. Although not especially admirable, at least Wynne`s politics are a lot more transparent than Hudak`s.

Returning to Hudak`s plans for job generation, the very highest was when the baby boomers were in their prime working years,boomer`s kids were entering the work force,  the American economy was thriving and there was `significant participation growth, particularly among women.Hudak acknowledges it is an optimistic view on job generation, then he mumbles about how growing immigration stats insist we must generate these jobs. But Hudak still isn`t explaining HOW THIS WILL HAPPEN. `Let`s actually search this province for it….I`m confident we can create these jobs.` Search for them where. Where are said jobs hiding. In America. Apparently Indiana and Louisiana are partly to blame – they are stealing our manufacturing jobs in both the cereal and car industries. And how will we get them back. The plan has more than 200,000 jobs in the skilled trades. Wonderful plan. And I`ll believe it when (and when not) I see it. Just don`t give Hudak a chance to reveal the depth of his lies or generating one million jobs won`t merely be the joke that it is, but an example of the voting citizen`s utter folly and this province`s financial and political downfall.













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