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Beauty and the Beast

Okay I’ll get flack (flak?) over that one.  I’m referring to women without makeup and with makeup. The results of course are staggering. I wouldn’t post a selfie without makeup even though I know for my age and blah blah blah it’s actually pretty hot (if I may be so  o-MARILYN-MONROE-900bold). A made-up pic no problem. That’s probably because we expect the worst from people and often we get it. One morning I was running late for work (I promise I won’t make it a habit) and when I got to work, although nicely dressed and my hair decent, I didn’t have on a stick of makeup. Ouch. When I went into an office a really nice woman who happens to find me attractive actually said “you’re stunning even without makeup.” Made me blush (get it)? I wouldn’t go that far. Nope. And as soon as I could I ran to the washroom to pack on my usual made-up face. I’m a makeup worshipper. Get over it. Do you recognize the lady in the picture on the left? It’s Marilyn Monroe. Do you see why I’m a makeup fan? If there was no such thing as makeup there never would have been a Marilyn.

When a woman reaches a certain age and by that I mean it depends on her appearance, personality, job, lifestyle and the condition of her skin, she cannot go make-up free anymore. It’s a fact. Not every woman is like that. I especially find that is true for black and biracial women. They have the best colour without makeup. Cruel. Myself, a caucasian, after I turned about 26 or so, I just didn’t feel good without my cosmetics. People told me when I was 25 I looked so young they mistook me for a teenager but I didn’t see it. Certainly by 30 I wasn’t going out without eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I skipped the foundation then because my skin was better (or at least I thought so). I would never go without it now.rs_634x1024-130911102550-634_Leandra-Medine-Book_jl_091113

I read an article in a fashion magazine that presented three middle-aged women who looked much older because of their weight, their skin and their hairstyles and condition of their hair. At least I thought so. I remember one woman in particular I would have pegged for 60. The women were about to receive a make-over from the magazine’s staff. The women were brave enough to pose for a shot without makeup. It was horrific. When the make-up artist on staff asked one woman which look she wanted she said natural and he shook his head. “Not a lady your age,” he said bluntly. “And not with your skin type. You have splotchy skin. You can’t get away with that anymore. That only works for youngsters in their twenties.” Ouch. She did look much better with makeup but she was slovenly and no beauty to start with, so the makeup didn’t turn her into a glamour queen either. Still, she was more presentable.

Short_Hairstyle_For_Middle_Aged_Women_30Here is a blog from a woman (Leandra Medine – right) who wrote very honestly about her own experience without makeup.  And this is what a man stated about her when he met her while she wasn’t wearing make-up: “She is ugly as fuck tho. Truly a man repeller.”  Seriously. Someone wrote that about her in an email that he accidentally cc’d to her. She revealed some of the comments she received on her Man Repeller blog: The comments sometimes appear as compound questions like, “you could be cute but why don’t you wear makeup?” Other times they’re just plain insulting. As recently as last week, I’ve been called an ugly whore (not so far off from “as fuck”). Whore?  I mean you don’t have to find her beautiful but judging her character to be a whore because she is plain-faced? wtf?

This is a photo line-up of women who supposedly look gorgeous without makeup. Okay now I have to disagree with several including: Amanda Seyfried, Deena Nicole, Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Zooey Deschanel (I can’t believe Deschanel made it into People’s most beautiful people edition), and surprisingly, Megan Fox, who really is too young to look so awful without cosmetics. Mind you she had plastic surgery on her face to improve her appearance so I suppose that makes sense. The others are banal to beautiful, especially Sharon Stone (who knew?) and Jessica Biel (who wouldn’t know?).

I liked this Yahoo article about an English major (such as yours truly once) who did an experiment on her makeup applications. Why an English major posed that question in what has to be a sociology paper I don’t know. Whatever. The author, Brinton Parker (I wonder if that is her natural name, or a glamorous name or in between) wore three different faces to school – au naturel, minimum and heavy. Personally I liked all three. She is young and adorable-looking. She has a great skin. I think all of the looks work for her. I prefer the last two because I am a makeup person but that’s just my opinion and as Parker stated at the end of her blog, people’s opinions “are just that – opinions.” Well said. Here is the link to the article.


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