40 years of faulty wiring

Neither Hair nor There

click here – wait for the commercial to end – this is worth it

Yesterday I started to blog about how classic and feminine 1950s coifs were on women and how they truly defined an era.  I’ve been watching Hitchcock you see, and the women all had such gorgeously set and curled hair…most of them with short, layered hair that looked so sophisticated and at the same time, very enticing. Myself I happen to sport a short, layered do and I love coiffing it (is that a word?) in that sorta, but not quite as wonderful, 50’s look (note: that is not me on the left…however if it was I could simultaneously coif and legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet).  However I deleted the blog thinking it was entirely irrelevant for most people and who wants to read a blog about hair? watch flowbee funny infomercial

I clicked on Yahoo News today and lo and behold, I found the above video all about hair…except from a decidedly un-glamorous viewpoint. I shrieked when the older daughter admitted she didn’t realize how lopsided her sister’s hair was until, “I was finished and put the scissors down and said uh-oh, this is baaad, bad-bad-bad.”  But the true punchline in that interview was when the reporter asked the little hairstylist wannabe what she did with her sister’s lopped off tresses?  “I hid them under the radiator.” watch bad haircut commercial

Can you imagine going into a salon this week, asking for the usual, then looking up to see something like this?…………

And wouldn’t it be fun if you asked the hairstylist what the hell she was thinking and she replied “I didn’t notice until I finished cutting and put down the scissors. Uh-oh, this is bad, bad, bad, bad.”

Holy pompadour and styling gel.

There really is an audience for hair after all.  watch nascar barbers commercial


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