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“You’re Not Skinny” is a Compliment, Not an Insult

I watched a brief exchange between the Kardashians and Oprah (I thought that old broad was retired) and brother Rob  told his 3 sisters they are not skinny women.   watch Rob Kardashian to his sisters You’re Not Skinny! Looking at Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous figure I couldn’t agree more and I think her brother’s comment was a compliment.  She, however, didn’t like it and bluntly said so. In an attempt to defend himself, Rob told the sisters were great role models and I’m on his side. How is skinny a compliment? When did looking like a coat hanger with hair become sexy? A naturally thin woman or man is simply that: natural.  People who over-exercise and under-eat in order to achieve skinny have a psychological defect.  For some, this can be even more serious than self-esteem and media influence, although these two can be a deadly cocktail. watch Kim Kardashian Nude Photo

Everyone has seen pictures of Kim K in bikinis (or less) and her God-given body is anything but skinny. Hers is an enviable hourglass figure; curvy, womanly, healthy, the body that a grown adult should aspire toward, not a body like a 10-year-old boy. Skinny has become a body type, every bit as much as the types diet and fashion gurus have labelled the pear, the apple, the ruler and the hour-glass. That fashion and fitness “experts” have no medical or psychiatric training doesn’t seem to register: we simply accept these silly labels as if they were legitimate. watch body type diet and the four body types

Skinny is a body type some girls experience during childhood, and others into their teens.  Usually girls don’t work towards a slender physique. They simply have one.  That’s normal. Puberty doesn’t start until 12 or 13.  Young girls haven’t had babies. They are still producing the HGH or human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. These are not true figures.  Children this age haven’t grown into their body type yet and won’t for several years. The media emphasis on an undeveloped body is abnormal but just as disturbing is the number of adult women who accept it and try to achieve it. Sometimes the desire to be thin can be deadly: eating disorders, over-exercising, bingeing and purging, laxatives, are among the many ways people attempt Skinny. Most people simply believe that these behaviours are a biological disorder, however for most people they are symptoms of a severe psychological dysfunction. Chronic behaviours to achieve Skinny result in moodiness, suicidal ideation, social isolation, depression, obsession with one’s appearance, not to mention physical disorders and side effects such as osteoporosis, hair loss, menstrual irregularity, and tooth decay. This is Skinny taken to an extreme. watch 14 eating disorders and facts you never knew

Many people with eating disorders have a fear of lack of control over their lives or environments. Anorexics report that their restricted eating is their personal way of sustaining control. Typically this fear stems from unhealthy relationships, mental illness, or unstable living conditions.  Young women living in chaotic households where parents and spouses are often absent for unexplained reasons tend to influence the onset of an eating disorder. frequent Negative sexual experiences  such as childhood sexual abuse can cause a person not to eat or purposefully vomit. One adult child abuse survivor was interviewed for a magazine and she stated she became anorexic because she wanted to “disappear” so men wouldn’t notice and abuse her. Another stated it felt good to “feel hollow.”  There are legitimate biological reasons for eating disorders that include genetics, epigenetic, and brain chemistry defects are proven culprits. In many cases, eating disorders develop from depression or alcohol and drug abuse problems. watch erasing ED trailer

It is social, external influences that are most disturbing.  Combined with any of the above conditions, a woman is almost pre-destined to become a victim. The large number of women who do not have genetic or abusive factors influencing their self-esteem are the most worrisome. They can largely control their behaviours and self-esteem. It’s a choice whether or not to allow the media, fashion designers, or other people dictate how women should look. Many women accept the body Mother Nature gave them. They aren’t flawless. They have imperfections but they manage to accept them. These are women who have healthy diets and lifestyles and refuse to allow the media to dictate their self-esteem. There are  strange books on the market called Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard (lovely). It advocates eating healthy food and practicing self-discipline, not for health’s sake, but in order to achieve Skinny. The bitch in Skinny Bitch means making other women envious. It is a big seller. Too bad it wasn’t censored. watch skinny bitch author interview rory freedman 

Healthy women generally aren’t Skinny. They are role models to girls, especially their own daughters. They aren’t self-obsessed. They have a healthy weight range. They have a life outside of Me. Someone should write a best seller about that.


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