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67 Years After Flight 19, the Bermuda Triangle Remains a Freakish Mystery

Research suggests otherwise of course, which is almost disappointing: “the BT is no more involved in the disappearance of aircraft and surface vessels than any other area of the ocean.”  Hm.  Surface vessels and aircraft are known to simply disappear? That’s the most reassuring thing I’ve read since the Costa Concordia mishap. watch Costa Concordia new animation

It’s possible that the BT gained notoriety through no fault of its own: a high number of mysterious incidents were “inaccurately reported or embellished by authors.”  There even seems to be disagreement as to the geographic boundaries: one factoid suggests the perimeters include the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas, the entire Caribbean island area and the Atlantic east to the Azores. The familiar triangular boundary has  its points on the Atlantic coast of Miami; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda.watch the mysteries of the bermuda triangle

The BT myth began December 5, 1945 when 5 aircraft simultaneously disappeared.  Flight 19, a routine training mission of 5 U.S. avenger torpedo bombers that left Fort Lauderdale on a cool, clear, winter day.  Four hours after take-off, the flight vanished and with it the 15 men who were part of the training mission. According to folklore, the rescue plane that went in search of the aircrafts also disappeared.  Freaky. watch bermuda triangle: what happened to flight 19?

There are practical research analysts who insist on taking the creepiness out of this geographic myth with research that reveals holes in the recordings of aircraft and vessel disappearances (yes, these cynical analysts live among us).The BT is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it daily for ports. The number of supposed disappearances is considered to be insignificant compared to the number of ships and aircraft that pass through the triangle on a regular basis. That must make naval personnel feel much better. Reporters and authors didn’t factor tropical storms into the number of disappearances that did occur and the numbers of vanishing aircraft and ships were exaggerated by incomplete research. For instance, a boat’s disappearance would be reported but its return to port may not have been. Oops. watch 1/5 explore the bermuda triangle  

Still, getting back to the infamous Flight 19, how do 5 aircraft simultaneously and suddenly disappear, especially when clear conditions are reported between ground control and aircrafts? That question will never be answered and it is that flight that keeps the supernatural myth of the Bermuda Triangle alive; Flight 19 and the triangle will forever be linked in doomed aircraft history, rather like the Titanic and her nemesis, the “invisible, black iceberg” that sank the world’s first and last unsinkable ship. watch rms titanic


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  1. Flight 19 disappeared in December of 1945 but it wasn’t sudden — it took four hours for each of the TMB avengers to drop out of the sky.

    The reasons for the flight’s failure are many-fold:
    1) Navigation Problem 1 — was flawed — and would return the flight at least 10 miles north of NAS Ft. Lauderdale.
    2) None of the five aircraft were refuled prior to take off. It was the 19th flight of the day.
    3) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor’s RMI compass was reported bad — it was not repaired and cleared for flight.
    4) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor’s High Frequency Radio (required during storm conditions) was reported bad — it was not repaired and cleared for flight.
    5) Up to 40 knot winds were reported prior to take off.
    6) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor requested the flight to be grounded — he was ordered to fly.
    7) The first leg of the Navigation Problem didn’t find their target (see #1)
    8) Up to 60 knot northerly winds came up in a storm and blew them into the northern Bahamas.

    The irony of Flight 19 is that none of the men died within the infamous Bermuda triangle. Three crash sites have been located and one aircraft has been raised from the sea.

    Best Regards, Douglas Westfall, publisher
    Discovery of Flight 19

    Comment by Douglas Westfall | May 10, 2012 | Reply

    • You sound well versed in this subject. Interestingly I didn’t find this information myself. Certainly de-mystifies the BT where Flight 19 is concerned although what a dreadful coincidence.

      Comment by gothrules | May 13, 2012 | Reply

      • My author of Discovery of Flight 19 is the expert — 20 year Army pilot, 35 air medals (+DFC), master aviator, then spent 30 years using unpublished Navy records, reports, weather charts, current charts, and some 50 sightings, plus exclusive interviews with the sole surviving airman of the flight, surviving crew member of the search planes, and the living Naval Review Board member. He’s pinpointed where each plane went down, discovered three crash sites and pulled one up from the ocean floor. See our website.

        This is a flight that should not have happened — and was doomed before they ever left the tarmac.

        The Bermuda triangle was created through several magazine articles in the early 1950s.

        Best Regards, Douglas

        Comment by douglaswestfall | May 13, 2012

      • incredible – is this work the way the man makes his living? he sounds very dedicated and informed

        Comment by gothrules | May 14, 2012

      • Jon F. Myhre, my author, was shot down twice in the same day in two different helicopters during the Viet Nam war — then left for dead. When the found him, he swore he’d never leave a man behind. That’s why he did this, to bring the men from Flight 19 home. His last search for the aircraft was in 2009. He is now retired.

        Comment by douglaswestfall | May 14, 2012

  2. This is a fantastic Book. I’ve read it twice now and going to read it again. Mr. Myhre’s did a lot of research. Flight 19 is closer to being solved!

    Comment by Andy | July 21, 2012 | Reply

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