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Yet Another Canadian Scandal Involving the Holocaust

I wonder why is it that many people worldwide think Canada is so Polly-Anna-ish with our ethics?  After slamming the immigration door on Jewish refugees during WWII, today a Canadian takes pride in reminding us of our hypocrisy some 6 decades later. Luba Kramrish of Toronto, Ontario has been charged with involvement in a plan to steal from a “Holocaust survivor’s fund.”  Kramrish falsified documents to “claim financial support ” from a German fund created “to compensate those who lived through the Holocaust.” Must be a pretty small fund. Kramrish’s bag of tricks involved the recruitment of Jewish people who hadn’t actually “survived the Holocaust” since they had never lived in an occupied area. Kramrish managed to obtain their funds for a small fee, of course. Last count Kramrish had conned the German fund 25 times. The frauds took place in the U.S. office that distributed the funds.  In the 1990s, an employee in the office realized many of the claims had discrepancies and an FBI investigation verified the $60 million dollar fraud. Read Holocaust Fraud Probe Leads to Charge Against Toronto Woman.

In Germany, restrictions on the fund have been tightened, unfortunately for true Holocaust survivors. They are all elderly people. The Holocaust was decades ago. Now these victims are expected to answer detailed questions about their lives during the war that they can barely remember.  The U.S. scandal has caused damage on so many levels. How proud Kramrish must be and what a notch in the belt for Canada’s reputation. Before you know it, people will be confusing us with Americans…then we’ll not only have to fight a terrible reputation, but we’ll have to be even more diligent at detecting Al Quedas at our airports. watch when canada said no: the abandoned jews of the ms st louis


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