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The Fight Against Fat is a Thinly Disguised Prejudice

Why does everything come down to the envelope instead of the letter? What is it about a person’s physical appearance that defines her/him? I understand media emphasis on beauty is a powerful incentive to remain thin and attractive however this “achievement” doesn’t entitle a person to bully someone less attractive.  What is it about fat people that makes them a public target? watch starving for perfection part 1/5

There are cultures in this world that highly value obesity in women, such as India and certain countries in Africa. They sneer at thin.  The fatter a woman is, the more desirable for marriage. Sadly, women in such countries gorge themselves on cattle feed since it is inexpensive and easily accessible.  The side effect is death. This emphasizes the obese female body as her most significant value and no, it isn’t any better than our obsession with dangerously thin. watch extreme skinny celebrities part 1

In an effort to measure up to someone else’s sick standards, eating disorders run rampant in our society. Does anyone other than me notice the pre-pubescent figures that many 20 and 30-something actresses have?  No bustline or “booty“, no “sexy” or “womanly“: a 10-year-old boy in a dress. Remember the curvy Marilyn Monroe (watch marilyn monroe’s coke commercial )and Betty Paige, the healthy women who(gasp) ate and enjoyed food, flaunting luscious, female curves? watch fat-a new documentary

You may have witnessed the Britain’s Got Talent 2012 audition when poor, morbidly obese 17-year-old Jonathan admitted he has been bullied about his “size” for most of his life, stating that “each time someone said something to me it just took a little piece out of me.”  Then pushing his shoulder-length curly hair out of his face, Jonathan lifted his operatic voice to the rafters, bringing the audience and the judges to their feet.  Even Simon Cowell, the poster boy for pompous assh–s everywhere, assured the 17-year-old, “Jonathan you are a future star.”  There is something delicious in knowing Jonathan’s high school peers are squirming. watch fault lines – fast food, obesity in america

There are many persons in this world who may lack something or display an obvious difference, be it autism, a disability, obesity, or what have you.  Perhaps some of these people, like Jonathan, are blessed with a quiet, powerful gift, fate’s retribution for psychosocial suffering. watch a musical savant shows talent  Yet unless, like Jonathan’s cynical peers, people shut up, stop discriminating and recognize that gift, it remains undiscovered. watch the skinny on obesity

That is to everyone’s detriment. Including you skinny ones.


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  1. I had to comment as I met Jonathon the same day I saw the clip on youtube – total coincidence. Yes, he is a very obese young man, but that should not be what defines him. Now everyone knows he has that amazing voice, and I like his hair too!
    Extreme thinness has become a prerequisite for any WOMAN in the Western world who wants to have almost any kind of career in media/ associated fields. A woman is deemed more successful simply if she is thinner than the exact same woman in every other respect! Men are not there yet, but the pressures are growing for them for the right amount of muscle and a washboard stomach
    Sick sad world.

    Comment by Ellesar | April 26, 2012 | Reply

    • You met Jonathan? That is gold. And yes the point of my blog as I can tell you aware is NOT to judge a book by its cover. That the poor boy was harassed to the point of a mental breakdown distressed me and when he began to sing I wept. I did the same with Susan Boyle. Beauty can be found in anything, like song and dance and athletics. A shame many people in this world do not seem to know this.

      Comment by teacher | April 26, 2012 | Reply

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