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Happy Halloween to all You 420-s

Seems a little strange to be wishing all you stoners a Happy Halloween in April.  Allow me to explain.  I check Yahoo news daily and being April 20, naturally an article about 420 was posted.  Click! I was immersed not in goofy smoker stories or the boring history of marijuana or the righteous fight for the advancement of the pot party in Canada.  This article hit home in so many awful ways. It went through a string of evil tragedies that should never have been and either occurred on april 20, or around that date. Read 4 20: a spooky day for stoners and deadly attacks. Consider:

  1.   Anniversary of the Columbine Shooting
  2. Deepwater Horizon Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that began a 6-month oil spill and killed 12 workers
  3. Adolf Hitler’s birthday
  4. the day after both the Oklahoma Bombing and the Waco Siege,
    the former being Timothy McVeigh’s answer to the “Davidians
    standoff against the FBI…the worst terrorist explosion in the U.S.A.
    until 9-1-1. watch this is what really happened on 911 

The odd term ‘420’ was started by students attending California’s San Rafael High School in the late ’70s at a Grateful Dead  (irony)concert, under the erroneous belief that 420 was police code for marijuana smoking. watch waco live coverage

So stoners, while you’re busy smoking and sharing your love for the Dead, are yourself are you referring to the band, or the victims of these irreversible, unforgotten tragedies, quite Grateful you aren’t one of the Dead? watch columbine shooting: the final report 1/5

Happy Halloween, 420’s. watch 1970s marijuana warning commercial


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