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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

check out this p0st:


Her name is Samantha Brick and sincerely believes she is the most gorgeous creature on earth: women hate her; men adore her, all because has been blessed with exceptional genes.  That’s her on the left.  Serious.  I’m not joking.  Brick is a remotely attractive woman but hardly a beauty. She has a slightly crooked jaw, scraggly blonde hair, and delusional thinking. Perhaps the eye of the beholder is blinder than we think.

I’ve had friends who were cute, attractive, or skinny and many in my opinion weren’t close to beautiful, yet they garnered lots of attention from men of all sorts. I’ve had truly beautiful girlfriends who were also the target of male attention but that made sense to me.  They were the sort of women who turned everyone’s heads, male and female.

I would suggest this woman belongs to the former group, that who is reasonably attractive but I wouldn’t sell the farm.  Yet Brick tries to convince us that men buy her train tickets, coffees and drinks.  Big deal.  Men  buy all sorts of things for attractive women they glimpse from afar.  What about those tacky roses that are sold in bars? How many of those have most women received?  More than enough to fill a couple of vases.  Does Brick count that among her conquests too?

It’s not that Brick is attractive or confident that baffles me.  It is that she is so convinced that her physical appeal is exceptional, far more so that many other thousands of women who are the recipients of male lust every day.  Clearly the messages she receives from strangers have bolstered her delusion that she is too pretty to have friends or get promotions.  Usually when a person can’t keep friends their physical appearance has nothing to do with it; personality plays a strong role in maintaining a mutually satisfying relationship.  Has this not occurred to Brick?  If she currently has any friends has she asked them why they’re still hanging around?

The one line in her article that truly gets me is “most poignantly of all, not one girlfriend has ever asked me to be her bridesmaid.”  Why is that poignant?  Is bridesmaid the deal breaker where jealousy is concerned?  I cannot follow Brick’s logic.  I definitely do not agree that she is beautiful.  One thing I will say is she wears delusional thinking very well.  Then again, being a reporter, she may be stirring up readers so she will rank high on web hits and sell her book.  In that case, Brick may not be brilliantly beautiful but she certainly is brilliant.


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  1. I read about Brick a couple of weeks ago. She made me cringe and laugh. Her attitude to other women appears to me to be the biggest issue – she sees jealousy everywhere she goes. And no, she really ISN’T beautiful!

    Comment by Ellesar | April 25, 2012 | Reply

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