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Couch Surfers Should Stick to Being Couch Potatoes

Recently a Quebec man in his early 20’s died in one of the stupidest accidents in Quebec history: he was couch surfing on a public highway, when the couch he was on collided with an oncoming car.  Let me clarify couch surfing:  an ordinary sofa or couch is set on wheels and tied to the bumper of a car or pickup truck.  A couch surfer (as they are known, personally, i call them idiots) hops aboard and hangs on for dear life while the driver takes to the road doing the speed limit or above.  In this case, the couch spun out from behind the car it was attached to and hit an oncoming vehicle.  Imagine the mess of the couch surfer….well perhaps we shouldn’t imagine that.

The driver, about as mature as the couch surfer but with a tad less loyalty, determined his friend was dead, took off from the scene, no doubt with a squeal of his tires and still pulling the couch in tow, (only now it was decidedly unoccupied), and hightailed it home. Later of course, cops caught up to him and charged him with reckless driving causing death and leaving the scene of an accident.  Not only does the driver face a criminal conviction and jail time, he has just helped to kill his friend during a useless stunt only young men with too much time and not enough brains could possibly conceive.

I know males are generally risk takers.  I know this is the result of a number of factors:  abundance of testosterone, hard-wiring for thrill-seeking, an outlet for sexual frustration if Freud is to be believed, a misguided sense of immortality, and a warped sense of fun and humour.  Perhaps mental incompetence factors in there too. The fact that young male culture obsesses over the next stupid stunt helps generate idiotic TV shows and believe it or not, movies, such as Jackass (I’ll say), glorifying stupidity at its finest.  Check out this blog posting called Stupid StuntsAt least most of these guys were kids when they did this stuff. A 20-something year old should know better (apparently not).

One thing I will say for 1000 Ways to Die – a show simultaneously glorifying and demeaning stupid and bizarre deaths – it belittles those stupid enough to die at their own hands for entirely unnecessary reasons.  Watch 1000 ways to Die R & RIP Young men, teens and couch surfers take note.


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