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American Cancer Society Warns Itself Against Issues Beyond Belief

The American Cancer Society does indeed do the public a favour with ongoing discoveries about cancer research, lifestyles and products that can lead to cancer.  Now its warning itself about three major issues:

  1. Atheism
  2. Public Relations
  3. Money

Twould seem the Foundation Beyond Belief (comprised of secular members, including atheists, agnostics, non-believers and the like) offered half a million dollars to the ACS for its research.  The ASC’s response?

No thanks.  We can’t tell the public that we take money from you non-believers.

Perhaps it’s beyond belief that the ACS won’t take a donation from the Foundation Beyond Belief. Perhaps the ACS worries that the possible negative PR fallout from taking FBB money will make people doubt the afterlife and really, that makes perfect sense:  with so many of the ACS’s clients dying so often, who wants to have them questioning whether or not they at least get a kick at the can in the next life? Perhaps cancer patients are stressed enough right here without worrying about the hereafter.

So Young Turks and the like, lighten up on the ACS; have some patience with the ASC and their patients.  The abyss and cancer just are like drinking and driving…not a good mix for some folk.


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