40 years of faulty wiring

And He Came So Highly (pun) Recommended….

Can you believe that rant?  Who says “politically correct” is the order of the day?  Apparently not if you’re a SouthWestern airline pilot.  This young, bull-headed, pilot didn’t realize he had a stuck open microphone and that air controllers, other pilots, and anyone with a CB Band-type deal (but airborne) could hear.  Of course these things always end up going viral on YouTube and that’s where I got the link.

The pilot was suspended without pay but oddly enough a senior employee claims the pilot wouldn’t have been suspended had “they” (whoever they is) held audience with various protest groups beforehand, but the suspension couldn’t be overturned.  Presumably the airline would have fired the pilot then….oops…they goofed.  Happens.

Who says SouthWest needs to play movies on board?  Just keep the mics open.  That’s entertainment enough and here’s proof:

editor’s note:  the pilot has since been fired from his job with SouthWestern Airlines and is no longer flying with friendly spies, oops, skies.


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