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Silent Culprits Sail Unpunished Through Nuremburg Trials

There is no arguing that Nazi “monsters” brought to trial in Germany on November 20, 1945, committed acts so monstrous as to necessitate, for the first time in history, a charge known as “crimes against humanity.” Millions of starving, beaten, tortured, slain and cremated Jews, used in unthinkable “medical experiments” and forced to live in appalling conditions more than deserved their silent day in court. It was fitting that Hess, Himmler, Goering, Haus, Wilhelm and many others should be made to answer for their madness, if incapable of feeling or displaying remorse (this was about inhumanity, recall). Most of the major leaders and masterminds in the Nazi Army were indeed persecuted, then executed (or in the case of the cowardly Hess, committed suicide by cyanide). Nazi Germany was held up for examination and condemnation internationally. It was a foregone conclusion that these party members would die. watch son of Nazi/SS faces Holocaust Survivor of Auschwitz

But what of the silent culprits who never took the witness stand? Canada, the United States, Britain and many other Allied were equally culpable in the persecution of the Jews: they may not have built the camps, nor committed the tortures, nor burned bodies in the crematoria but neither did the Allied do anything to prevent Jews from becoming victims of the Reich. If anything, they offered implicit permission for Hitler to eliminate as many Jews as he liked. Jewish refugees attempted emigration into Canada and the U.S. aboard the SS St Louis and were subsequently turned away at the coasts of Miami and Halifax. The SS St Louis incident was a deliberate, propagandist move on behalf of Hitler, exposing the Allied’ disregard for German Jews and fuelling his relentless attack against them. Canada and America’s hypocrisy did not return to haunt it during the Trials. Like many such incidents in our mutual history, the outcome of the SS St Louis incident was deftly swept overboard by the American propagandist rug. watch voyages of the damned

The U.S. refusal to support specifically Jewish immigration stemmed from antisemitism, which increased in the late 1930s and continued to rise in the 1940s. Throughout the Holocaust, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt kept its immigration doors tightly closed.  It is estimated that 190,000–200,000 Jews could have been saved during the Second World War had it not been for these immigration policies. Further, the U.S. profiteered greatly: GM, Ford, IBM, and Kellogg, were among the notable corporations that flourished during the war as a result of using Jewish slave labour to build their product . watch Volkswaffe: The Flying Cars of Nazi Germany

Canada was no less hostile toward Jewish refugees. It actively sought out and deported Jewish landed immigrants back to Europe, back to certain death. A Canadian immigration agent on the SS. St. Louis, stated “none is too many” when referring to the presence of 907 German Jews on board the ship. This international rejection was the green light Hitler was looking for, the silent permission to do whatever the Nazis would with the Jewish population in Germany. If the rest of the world did not value the Jews, what was to left to prevent Germany from exterminating them?  read None is too many Memorial for Jews turned away from Canada in 1939.  A 78-year-old retired Jewish physician in New York described that defeated day: “We were Jews, we were expendable … It was terrible — terrible, terrible — of Canada and the United States, of all countries, to not let us in.” watch SS St Louis Part 1/2

It certainly was terrible, inhumane perhaps. The Titanic was no longer the most tragic ship of the 20th century to sail from Europe to North America. Watch A lucky escape from the Titanic. Yet no American, Canadian, British, Mexican, Cuban or other President or Prime Minister ever took the stand at the Nuremberg Trials in defence of their own prejudiced immigration laws that cost countless Jewish lives.  They are silent culprits in the extermination of the Jews. The Allied were indeed allies, not of each other but of Hitler’s, united with him in their hatred towards a helpless people. A silent crime, silent culprits, silent victims. watch Human Smugglers Bill C-49

A crime most certainly unpunished.


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