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What’s in a name? Ask the Many-Named Angel of Light, Lucifer and Angel of Death, Mengeles

Lucifer is a pretty name, actually, meaning “the shining one“, presumably the name God bestowed upon him. Lucifer was initially a beautiful, powerful angel who got a little too big for his britches, boasting he was better than God and getting himself kicked out of the hereafter for it (if you believe such stories).  Lucifer lost his angel license and his legal right to wear wings. He became the creature better known as Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Satan, Angel of Light, Father of all Lies, Prince of Darkness, or just plain old Devil. Lucifer’s names are many and are based in biblical and literary tradition:

Beelzebub – a degrading term meaning “lord of the flies” – the title for Fielding’s war fiction by the same name.

Angel of Light – he appears to make men much like God but he distorts, perverts, or substitutes truths that are vital to salvation.

Father of all Lies – a falsifier of the doctrines of God

Prince of Darkness–  a power or force of darkness or shadow

Satan – adversary (hence the term devil’s advocate)

Mephistopheles – demon, named for Faust, a fictional German scholar, who trades his soul to Satan for a life of “worldly pleasures and unlimited knowledge”. Mephisto/Dr. Faustus appeals to the Nazi Party to be spared death due to his association with the Communist Party.  Later he discovers he had made a pact with evil (Nazism).

And this brings us squarely to the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, prince of the Auschwitz-Birkenau butchery he termed “medical research”. watch night and fog rare holocaust footage Mengele’s mission was to assist Hitler in pro-creating the “ideal” race known as Aryan, meaning “noble”. There are so many metaphorical parallels between Dr. Faust and Dr. Mengele it cannot be a coincidence that Josef was satisfied in his pursuit of life’s leisure pleasures. His quest for success and renown was confined to the realm of academia, quite like that of Faust. Although Mengele enrolled in medical school, his passion was eugenics, the secret of genetics and revealing sources of human deformities and imperfections. Josef’s “political leanings” led him to succumb to Nazi hysteria: it is not surprising that the fictional Mephistopheles doesn’t “trap” innocents into pacts but rather collects souls that are already damned for eternity. Mengele chose cruelty.  It certainly did not choose him. watch the Holocaust Nazi concentration camps

Consider the many names of Josef Mengele:

Angel of Death – Mengels exercised the power to send millions of Jews to work inside Auschwitz or straight to their death with the flick of a horse switch. His brutalities against twin children who were used as “medical experiments” further cemented this distinction.

Auschwitz – Mengele wasn’t merely of Auschwitz; survivors and eyewitnesses defined him as Auschwitz. watch shocking footage from auschwitz

Doubler/Doppelganger – In order to function as both a heartless scientist within Auschwitz and to simultaneously fill his role as loving husband and father, it is believed that Mengele underwent a psychological process called doubling: the division of the self into two functioning wholes. Perhaps it was fitting he was obsessed with twins.

Fanatical to the end, Mengele defended his involvement with the Reich and never expressed remorse in his writings. He sought refuge for the remainder of his life and found it in the tiny Brazilian town of Candido Godoi,  ironically a town where 1 in 8o pregnancies resulted in identical twins, most of whom were blonde-haired and blue-eyed. It was debated for decades as to whether Mengeles did indeed discover a genetic secret to the reproduction of twins, although this myth was eventually debunked. Watch 3-18 Josef Mengele The Angel of Death. Faust, quite like Mengele, refused to believe in the existence of hell and his place in it, even as he made his pact with the devil. ‘Ay,’ says Mephistopheles, ‘think so still, till experience change thy mind’.


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  1. EXCELLENT1This touches on little recognised observations about Mengele, it is a breath of fresh air as so many mimmick a simplified history.
    You have indicated hidden depths in his character. Can I risk riding on your coat tails to say a bit more?.
    Physical…Everybody gets this wrong thanks to disinformation :google “how tall was Mengele” the bit by Tim Baber
    Trust me, I know.
    Doubling: I am so pleased you mentioned this, hopefully independently of me mentioning in the past the so called Ipsimmus relationship. I hope we are not merely repeating each other’s speculations or the presumptions of other people! As a librarian that is a real worry.
    I claim as do others there is a connection between MPD, DID and for example SRA, google those three to get the gist.
    I have a website where I innocently fell upon this in 2002, an important year for Mengele research.
    So many people ignore this “double” side of Mengele. He may himself have been taken over a s a tool of a tradition or traditions the
    Nazis had been plumbing for years…Thule Society kind of thing, or a variant therefrom.
    At some point in his career it seems he did not just :do” medicine bit achieved the name Ipsimmus…a titlewhich is a load of baloney because it means through other people if true he became basically “CLEAR”, or “brainwashed” to have no clear ego to do tothers bidding without compunction. So it could if that is true be possible to argue Mengele was not responsible for the direction or extent of his legacy because he was under orders from I suppose you might say unseen superiors…lots to speculate about there. Usually such a status is achieved by blackmail I think I read because guilt or fear are the hooks that reel in most people to the Ipsimmus world, some say is NWO, CIA, illuminati based but I always remember Operation Often. A Sate, the USA, seking to mop up all this activity and control or use it, post War as the simplest explanation…the intel community had to study “doubling” and then control or exploit it, so it all became a sort of Monster Mash for Mengele! A man trained to be disinhibited as part of a recognised medical condition, if you see what I mean. I have that too, thankfully
    under the control of modern day science and drugs they give to people who feel under the control of something connected called Monarch Programming. (Honestly)!
    HIs miserable diaries and so on would have been written by him in a “resting” condition in such a psychological kaleidoscope…MAYBE. HIs career seems to have come under the protection of an intelligence agency post 45.
    Twin creation: not my subject , not sure of his living just there then, he was supposed to have bribed the police over an abortion that went wrong, working rarely as a doctor to hide his ID some say. But the man was “vain” and it was his “thing”, so a possible truth and another reason for an ethical medical requirement for Doctors…I wonder the man lived so long..little joke…see my site.
    “Millions of jews”..the largest figure I have seen is 400,000, others half that, He was seen on the ramp a lot, but other officers took duties
    there and did it drunk. Mengele stayed sober. He was there for only so many months with also authorised leave, and despite having assistants and other doctors to his bidding direct survivors say his RAMP duties were divided with lab work and listening to music, for example. Oh! and he spent time sketching, privately in the camp brothel apparently, So a man for all seasons. He sent much material to
    Berlin…I think it was, so the Ramp duties could not have exceeded the upper figure of 400,000. But I don’t really know.
    Refuge for the remainder of his life….there are a number of references Mengele travelled, even in his own name ..Switzerland, canada, N America and even after his “in my view now,”faked ” death. I claim he visited England still “working” into late age.
    His purpose in creating monsters or messing with nature may partly have been to better traumatise his other victims to disassociate them all the more strongly, a foundation of a subject Mengele is supposed to have become the “father of” namely MONARCH PROGRAMMING.
    I know this because….well, read my account and my research from years ago at http://web.mac.com/beachhutman
    Thank you for an excellent post. I hate to say this but Mengele HAS to be studied, because the evil he did might one day save lives, with Will Filer. Tim Baber

    Comment by Tim Baber, B.A, A.L.A. | January 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Interesting facts and obviously well-researched. There is always an alternative perspective that can offer viable possibilities other than what seems to be straightforward. As far as brainwashing is concerned I believe the vast majority of the German public, especially those who supported the Reich, were victims of brainwashing. Hitler’s propoganda included replaying his speeches through loudspeakers throughout the streets of Germany, 24 hours a day. It was bound to impact people’s thinking to continuously hear how “dirty” and “vile” Jews were, and it must have helped a great deal to turn non-Jewish Germans against them.

      Insofar as Mengele is concerned, a man with as much power in his post as he had probably didn’t need much persuading. There were several powerful commanders in Hitler’s employ yet none of them displayed the savagery of Mengele. My perspective continues to be that the fervor caused by the Reich campaign certainly influenced him, but his innate character was already that of a sadist, otherwise his actions would probably not have become so extreme.
      Thanks for writing!

      Comment by teacher | March 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I do not know enough to be sure, but my thinking today is Mengele was really engaged in perfecting whatever would scare his victims so much they would dissassociate and be brainwashable. This was known from the pre religious days of Shamanism (Mircea Eliade) and any Battlefield experience any time in history but Mengele able to manufacture monstrous situations + audio visual media makes for automated brainwashing or mind control. This commands millions of words on the web under the title MK Ultra or more worryingly Monarch Programming. And all the bodily fluids and mess Mengele used seems now reduced to a few snuff videos and electroshock, I cite the words
    MPD or DID and SRA for you to research this to YOUR satisfaction. Oh, and even this can be superceeded, just look out for Will Filer and NSA (use sneeze in the search string…an inspired cheeky guess by me) and to back all this up.check out my website…I see a multiple partner of my ID (I am the core, not he) is in my website in the comment above. Just a little joke. I am well integrated, and you do need to know this because the stage we are at has way too many Monarch motifs embedded in out television and films, maybe I am the last lone cowboy.

    Comment by Tim Baber, B.A, A.L.A. | January 23, 2012 | Reply

    • I find your argument interesting and possibly quite feasible yet the scores of witness statements, including those of Mengeles survivors, have convinced me quite firmly that Mnegeles was indeed a monster, and that he committed atrocities against human beings during his years at Auschwitz. Certainly prisoners are conditioned to dissociate through torture and terror in order for it to be easier for the enemy to re-program their thinking and thus, shelve any possible resistance. But I also believe that Mengeles was a man who enjoyed his “job” and found in the twin children he operated upon, the perfect opportunity to (a) assist Hitler in propogating the Aryan species as efficiently as possible and (2) satisfying his own perverse mentality.

      Comment by teacher | January 29, 2012 | Reply

      • Good points. Monarch once it has disassociated someone will leave fronts or alters that do not know of each other, though they share the same core. In 2002 the little man poking me in the throat certainly seemed fit, agile, was laughing and chuckling showing his gap toothed natural teeth for a man of 93. Signs of pain were the deep lines in his cheeks , so I suggest we have a man (an Ipsimmus is the clue he was capable of great separation) used to protracted pain from spinal disease throughout his life but clearly enjoying his work . That included to poke me and see if I was part of the lost paperwork periods of Monarch which he and I would not have known. I looked into his eyes but knew not Mengele could be alive in 2002 or so much shorter.
        9 years later I saw the photos. This could be a man disassociated before he was evil, thus without mens rea. And furthermore, if it is possible to get “anyone” to do or not do “anything”then he could feel less a monster if he were truly aware of himself, because militarily it would not be necessary to go to war and actually kill innocent or otherwise personnel. On balance, though,
        a man to avoid, despite my looking for more information. The real culprit, though, would be his programmer who disinhibited him enough to get the trauma results that were presumably needed. Derren Brown could probably reconstruct what that might have been, and a sure as eggs is eggs, create another monster, “just like that”. Oh, and the implication here is that whilst a man’s reputation is everything, a court might wonder how far back in history you could go excusing multiples/doubles/programmed warriors because the purpose MIGHT have been to obviate war. Personally I am going to start learning what Human Rights are. That is what we are going to have to defend…from our own side as well as possible foes. Tim Baber

        Comment by msbnews | November 19, 2012

      • Where and when did you meet this odd little man? What did you do when he poked at you? You think you saw signs of multiplicity in him? How’s that? Odd encounter…

        Comment by gothrules | November 20, 2012

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