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Shooting Your Mouth Off When You Are Certifiably Insane

There`s nothing like an oblivious person, such as Mr. Cruise, he of the couch-jumping Oprah episode (actually I thought that was rather sweet), and the frenetic devotion to Scientology, battling with an intelligent and composed TV personality like Matt Lauer, to jump-start serious television ratings. One observation about Tom Cruise that just tickles me: he is a Scientologist with an explosive hair-trigger temper.  That is supposedly a huge contradiction to the so-called `tenets“ of the Scientology (cult) religion that teaches in order to prevent verbal misunderstandings and altercations, when someone becomes flustered, the Scientologist must `raise“ the conversation to a more rational, even-tempered place so as to calm the other down.  This is supposed to continue until the two can resolve their issues without fighting.  Oh, Tom.  Go back and read chapter one. Watch Tom Cruise pissed off

However Lauer appears to take no offence to Cruise`s little tirade. Apparently he is used to that sort of thing. In fact he welcomes it. Those on-air conflicts have earned him a daytime television following. Go figure.

Not too far behind in a bizarre appearance on The View is the confused alien Stephen Colbert who has a few things to say about bed bugs. Had any of the women on The View looked into Colbert`s quirky TV persona they might have been more prepared for his celebrity insanity.

Apparently girl fights are common among middle-aged and menopausal women too. Read my blog: Girl Fight: Has Everyone on Social Media Gone Mad. When you are misinformed yet insist on going up against an informed celeb such as, oh, Bill O`Reilly, and (not surprisingly) get flattened on national television, getting up and walking off your own show must be the weakest reaction you can possibly do. You could look at it as staunchly defending your beliefs, but I view it as either b.s. to keep ratings high (how else could a lame show like The View stay on the air), or your emotional opinion can`t cut it.  As Tommy Cruise said (rather violently I might add) to Matt Lauer `do your homework“. Later when O`Reilly was nowhere in sight (of course) Walters permitted a “de-briefing“ about the incident.  As a caveat, Walters admitted that this kind of theatrics sends the ratings into overtime and O`Reilly is a master of conflict.

Good Morning America aired an issue of (what else) The View offering Hasselbeck`s supposedly “tearful apology“. after she beat up (pardon the irony) Erin Andrews over her skimpy costumes on Dancing with the Stars. Other television talk shows have revealed less than sophisticated behaviour between notable celebs including Milton Berle and Richard Pryor although that was nothing compared to a few confrontations years ago involving the late Andy Kaufman, Krispen Glover and Madonna on the Dave Letterman Show.

Perhaps the most numbskull moves insofar as VMA awards are concerns is Kanye West as he disses Taylor Swift while she receives her award. The ever-classy Beyonce followed up with her opinion about West`s behaviour. Finally at the advice (no doubt) of his public relations pro, West offered an apology to Swift on the Jay Leno Show. However when the President of the United States comments on your behaviour, calling you a jackass, you have truly screwed up.

Then there are those who are so practiced in the art of idiocy, they don`t even need to open their mouths in order to stick their foot into it.  I`m thinking about Lindsay Lohan, that I-feel-sorry-for-myself-for-no-good-reason disgrace of 2010. However not one to keep her mouth completely shut (unless she`s in court and trying to avoid consequences for a felony charge) Lohan leaps into a few conflicts of her own.

Although her day in the sun has long since come and gone, Britney Spears used to tear up headlines with her tirades and “controversial“ behaviour. Still in her case it must be maddening to be harrassed 24-7 by mindless paparazzi who make a living following her around and baiting her with verbal abuse that, of course, never makes it on air. Good thing she grew back her hair and got boring again. Perhaps she should re-connect with the Mouseketeers. That ought to save her career and maybe her sanity.

Matt Damon, who has always struck me as the epitome of class and talent, certainly surprised me when he flipped out on Adrian Grenier as they did a commercial spot poverty-stricken children. I was especially disappointed considering Damon`s defence of teachers to a reporter. Meh, we all have an off day. Damon is yet another actor to warrant a critique from President Obama, albeit in a more light-hearted manner.

Now Johnny Depp, who can do no wrong in everyone`s eyes, imitates and jokes about celebs in the kindest of ways. If you`re going to diss Al Pacino that`s the way to go. What is it about Depp that always comes out right. especially when it comes to admissions about personal insecurities and disinterests.  He just never trips over his tongue. When you tell on yourself before anyone else can, you know your insanity is everyone else`s idea of cool.


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