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Girl Fight – Has Everyone on Social Media Gone Mad?

The television movie Girl Fight aired last night.  It made me wonder if this movie should have been available on cable television: a very graphic, fictional account of a high school girl’s brutal beating at the hands of her peers and its traumatic aftermath. The video above is not a scene from Girl Fight.  It is an actual “girl fight” and it’s wrong on so many levels. The two that quickly come to my mind are:

  1. why is someone standing around filming it?
  2. why doesn’t someone intervene in a non-violent way and end it?

When I was in high school you only heard that maybe one girl going through all of our high school years had been threatened or actually was beaten up by another girl.  Beaten up.  That was the 1980’s expression; nowadays it’s called girl fight and more often than not, some oddball with too much time on his or her hands films it, and downloads it onto YouTube.  That in itself poses a quandry of problems for the girls involved in the fight:

  1. The video will serve as evidence in a criminal court should the incident go that far
  2. The girls in the video will be haunted by their participation in the fight forever

Forever is a pretty long time but that’s something young people simply don’t get about the power of social media.  For example, teenagers need summer jobs to afford summer school courses and to go out on the weekends with friends. Now consider that when an employer is considering whether or not to  hire a person, more often than not said employer investigates the potential employee’s background via the internet. Guess what the employer is likely to find?  In fact employers have exclusive software designed to trace any activity an employee has engaged in online…way beyond our simplistic internet searches. watch Young Girl Drops C-Word on National TV

Why do these young women not have the social skills to resolve their differences with words rather than physical brutality?  Who is raising children to use their fists when involved in a conflict?  Personally I have a few theories:

  1. young parents who simply haven’t the knowledge  how to instill social skills in children
  2. parents who are themselves prone to violence
  3. addicted to various substances
  4. suffering from a mental pathology or illness (this could also be true of the children)
  5. allowing their children too much exposure to violent media

There is another type of girl fight entirely that is as real as this brutalization, only it’s between women rather than girls, perhaps that is even more pitiful than watching teenagers pummel each other.  Watch Joan Rivers vs Jessica Hahn So many of these female fights seem to occur on The View and with good reason.  I suspect The View wouldn’t be on the air without them. Not surprisingly, Joan Rivers is the Queen Bitch who gets herself tossed off of programs quite frequently, perhaps even her own. watch Joan Rivers slaps Kathy Griffin in the Face.

Once I witnessed a very brief girl fight that didn’t involve the brutal punching in the girl fight video above, and it only lasted for a few seconds.  It was terrifying.  I remember it was over as soon as it started and the victim (who managed to defend herself) was red-faced, traumatized.  The instigator was vengeful but not as emotionally distraught as the victim. Me and other students stood  and watched.  It wasn’t that we were enjoying the brutality.  It was the shock brought on by its suddenness that immobilized us.

This however is not the bystanders’ behaviour in the YouTube videos that I am witnessing.  They are there as an audience, taking sides and cheering the girls on, gladiator-style.  Where isn’t violence to be found when you think about it? I could go into a diatribe about how violence is a part of the human condition, prehistoric people depended upon it for their survival, perhaps there remains a genetic link in our brains. But that excuses modern behaviour and pathology; it gives people an “out“.  Something is missing somewhere in this puzzle, although, I`m willing to bet, not as many pieces that are missing from the girls after their violent altercations in these pitiful videos.


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