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Battered Brides and the Making of a Trend

You wouldn’t happen to be a trend spotter would ya? No, no not a trainspotter. I don’t want emails from people telling me how bad their lives have gotten since they started banging smack.  A trend spotter – as in someone who is quick to spot a trend-in-the-making and grab it before anyone else does.  That person (if motivated) can make a few bills that way.  Not too shabby considering the financial spectre that looms over us this year.

Consider the headline about the employees who destroyed thousands of dollars in designer bridal gowns when the boutique franchise closed down.  People are outraged over that.  I mean, at least the boutique could have given the gowns to stores that would charge less so the commoners like you and me could snap one up?  But under their contract they can’t.  You can’t argue with legalities. And that’s that.

Personally I think the whole mess is rather brilliant.  Picture young women and goth chicks who really want to stand out when they get married (or who want an insane Halloween costume).  No fluff and ruffles for them.  They want to forego all that fruity tooty tradition and show up looking like a turbine just ran over them after they stepped out of the bridal shop.  Cool.  There could be a whole new trend of happenin’ brides looking like The Little Corpse Bride walking up the aisle (if only they were all marrying Johnny Depp).

Add a pair of black Doc Martens to the mix and you have an unforgettable bride for once….unlike all the others who basically look-alike with the same ruffles and frills and $25,000 price tag on the wedding.  Seriously….does anyone remember a wedding years later?  Besides the odds are good it won’t work out so why not do the smart thing?  Save your money, get into a tattered, psychedelic bridal gown, forgo the insane wedding reception costs in favour of Wonderland and have some originality for once.

You know what’s great about trend spotting and trend setting?  It helps your career.  It makes people sit up and take notice of you.  It keeps life interesting.  It’s fun. It’s a break from the same old as they call it.  We could use more people like that.

It’s good to stay on top of trending when you’re keeping (or starting) your job in 2012. A few I’ve looked up are head shots; personal publishing via blogs; and personal logos among others read Career Management – Personal Branding |Trends for 2012 (part 1)

In other words, be a trend setter would ya?


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