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Update: Michael Bryant, Budding Semi-Fiction Author

There’s nothing like making money from killing a person by writing a book with an undisclosed advance on royalties. First, Michael Bryant is charged by Toronto police with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death in the Darcy Allen Sheppard case. However, as always, luck is on Bryant’s side as he sidesteps the law and never sees a courtroom: the D.A. looked at the video evidence of Bryant dragging Sheppard to his death, then running him over, and declared he doubted there was “a reasonable possibility of conviction” in the case. Um, if you say so, dude.

Not much later our bicycle killer secures a plummy corporate lawyer job with Ogilvy Renault, a corporate law office on illustrious Bay Street (the Wall Street of Canada), mostly likely pulling down about $1,000,000 a year, give or take. This is one man who isn’t worried about the impending 2012 financial crisis. Read Living in America During 2012 Financial Crisis. As if that isn’t outrage enough Bryant found an additional source of income and another means of mockery in the death of Darcy Allen Sheppard: he is going to narrate a “non-fiction” book about the incident. Of course the book will be biased, less than truthful and will emphasize what a drain on society Sheppard, a drug courier, was when he was alive. Oh and don’t forget he used to live in the foster system (unwanted since childhood) and occasionally hit his girlfriend, especially when he was drinking.  Bastard deserved to die.

Of course Sheppard isn’t here to defend himself nor detail his perspective on what happened between him and Bryant. His voice is lost forever. I’m not defending his actions on that fateful night, nor am I suggesting Sheppard is an exemplar about how to live life. But whatever his flaws as a person, he was killed and no one has paid the price for it.  In fact, Bryant is about to profit from the price of his semi-fictional narrative “28 Seconds” , referring to the 28 seconds that changed Bryant’s life, whenever Penguin Group publishes it. No mention anywhere about the 28 seconds that ended Sheppard’s.


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