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Happy All Hallows Eve, Ye Pagans and Christians

Halloween goes awaaay back as most of us oldies know.  However for the youngies there are a number of quite cool facts about Halloween that might intrigue you:

  1. (Left – jack-o-lantern) Pagans initiated the practice of Halloween, rather accidentally as it seems.  Pagans were (and are, as they insist they still exist) a whole variety of oddball religions, non-Christian, although strangely enough some had no gods at all.  I guess they were atheist.  Atheist Pagans.  There’s a first. watch tim burton’s corpse bride: piano duet They came in all varieties of sub-genres if you will, rather like different sects of the Protestant religion – which in itself begs the question of whether it is a valid religion.  I mean, Henry VIII divorced both Catherine of Arragon and the Vatican when he created the Church of England, naming himself as the top guy.  Is that, I ask you, a religion?  But where was I?  Oh yes. (watch halloween: innocent fun or spiritual deception?)

(left Jack Skellington) Some Pagans were Druids (little wizard types who were the original environmentalists and really liked everyone, unless they were ticked off then you’d better watch yourself), witches (who collectively formed a Wiccan and whom apparently worshipped the earth’s elements such as air, earth, water, fire and wind, and just good old Pagans.  Their favourite band tends to be Earth, Wind and Fire.). Watch the addams family: original theme music

All of these Pagans and their offshoots believed in Samhain, or the Lord of the Dead (isn’t that a cool goth name)?  They didn’t like Sam but they had to appease him so they wouldn’t get their butts  kicked into the grave before they were good and ready. It just so happened that it was on October 31 , one of 8 Pagan feasts during an eight fold year, that Sam was most active in the Pagan calendar year.  That was the night he released his minions from their graves and tombs and mausoleums, allowing the dead to walk the earth in search of souls to capture and take back with them to meet Sam for themselves.  Yikes. watch jack’s lament the nightmare before christmas

 (left  Jack Kennedy) The Pagans had to show their Lord of Death respect by celebrating him.  They did this by fooling the undead, who walked the earth, into thinking they too were spirits and dressed up like, you guessed it, spirits, zombies and ghouls.  They walked about making creepy noises and acting like a bunch of weirdos in a horror movie. Men dressed as women, and women dressed as men (they have a word for that today….transgender I believe). Farmers’ gates were unhinged and left in ditches; peoples’ horses were moved to different fields. Oh ha-ha.  Weren’t they hilarious? Thank God for XBox.

(left Jack Nicholson) When the Druids went to a person’s house they insisted on being fed a little fare.  If they were refused, they cursed the household  and shortly thereafter people in the house supposedly got sick and some died.   Incidentally this is where the concept of haunted houses came from. watch Halloween: a Biblical Perspective

  1. You’ve probably heard of All Souls Day and All Saints Day too?  This was the Roman Catholic church’s effort to get Catholics to go to church to pray for beatified Saints, (All Saints).  November 2 was the day when Catholics attended church to pray for the departed souls of those who hadn’t reached Heaven.  These souls appear to be floating around in purgatory.  What a yawn. Watch Family Guy Purgatory Vacation. Now how anyone knows who’s in purgatory and who made it through the pearly gates, I haven’t the foggiest but that’s the celebration, the history and Who’s Who of Halloween and that’s the why of it. Goood eeevening, kiddies and remember, safety first. Watch Tales from the Crypt – the intro

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