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Emails, England, and Erasing Evidence of the Holocaust in High Schools

You might have received an email lately about the UK and curriculum denial of the Holocaust in order to appease British Muslims.  Shocker, eh?  Turns out this is just another one of those internet email rumours that who knows where and why it started…in other words, poppycock.  There may have been a miscommunication.  Some British teachers were quoted as stating they were uncomfortable with discussing the Holocaust and other human atrocities with their students, however no one suggested removing the word “Holocaust” from school texts.  And British history classes continue to present Holocaust lessons, teacher discomfort or no.

That’s a relief.  I must admit I am the gullible type and I believed the silly email as soon as I read it….no checking facts, no researching youtube or the internet….tsk,tsk.  In fact this blog was meant to detail the issue until I looked for a youtube video to include about the subject at hand. Read Holocaust ban Email confusion The video above certainly confirms irresponsible media before checking facts…the teachers aren’t claiming they won’t teach the subject or that they are worried about offending Muslim students, merely that they are uncomfortable with it. Well, lots of people are.  It’s quite nasty if you haven’t been informed.

There’s nothing alarming about many schools in England having the choice to teach certain units and exclude others: Canadian and American schools do the same.  We can’t teach everything in history, geography, literature, etc, that ever was and will be.  Elementary school would probably take 20 years to complete if that was the case. It is usual to pick and choose units to teach to a class and in fact many teachers offer their students a choice, based on curriculum options.  Teachers don’t decide what they will and won’t teach during a given year – the Ministry of Education makes that call, and it is the Ministry that offers teachers and students choices in their studies. In all likelihood this speaks to available resources (money) in order to teach certain units, rather than not offending anyone.

Speaking of persecution of a culture, imagine being Muslim and living in England or in most countries just now? A misinformed writer, under the impression that the rumour was true, sent (what else) an email to the BBC News which included the terse sentence: “This is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving into it,”, essentially implying the Muslim faith is taking over the world.  How easily hysteria grows among the uninformed masses (myself included, alas).  Is this not the sort of thing that initially aided the Reich’s hate campaign against the Jews 70 years ago? There’s another obvious lesson to be learned here.


January 4, 2012 - Posted by | Bizarre yet True, Education, Politics

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