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Atheism and Faith – Merry Xmas

An interesting time of year to be pondering the faithless I should think, but perhaps also very fitting.  I’ve been interested in atheism lately and not because I am “losing my religion” (REM will forgive me – great song that).  I wanted to give the “other half” a chance to share their perspectives and research revealed a number of interesting facts:

  1. not all atheists are alike – some are weak/some are strong – weak atheists do not believe in the existence of god…strong atheists do not believe gods exist.  Yes there is a difference:
  2. stating that one doesn’t believe in the existence of god actually allows for the possibility – if there is a god, prove it (rather akin to the agnostics), whereas stating that there are no gods and therefore there is nothing to prove is rooted in total denial.
  3. Agnostics are not atheists – they allow for the possibility of god but they are waiting for scientific proof that He exists….doubting Thomases, every one of them   😉
  4. atheists seldom decide to become atheists – they usually try hard to find God in the world….generally they are unconvinced there is a god/gods because of the darkness that surrounds them – war, poverty, evil, etc…apparently they overlook the Mother Theresa’s of this world (okay so, only one, but the point is she lived and died for children in Calcutta).
  5. atheists state that human beings are made of matter – we are material-based, thus, how is there a connection between the supernatural and humans?
  6. when believers ask “aren’t you afraid you’ll go to hell for disbelieving?” the answer is something along the lines of “if your God is so wrathful that He will send me to hell for not believing in him, then He isn’t something I want to be a part of”.
  7. There is biological evience that when you die your physical body goes into the ground and “worms eat you“.
  8. Atheist feminism is a movement that advocates the equality of the sexes within atheism….theist feminists oppose religion as a source of female oppression, believing all religions are sexist and oppressive to women.
  9. atheists aren’t satanists – satanists worship the occult and are very nasty people….atheists don’t believe in God and therefore they don’t believe in his number one nemesis.
  10. atheists become atheists to avoid ascribing to a moral code – most atheists find that one quite offensive…understandable. In fact most atheists believe (this is not an exclusive list) in people’s personal worth, democracy, a lack of discrimination, (I’ll believe that one when they prove it)…dignity towards people, the separation of religion and the state (probably the most significant), personal freedom, freedom of speech, a problem with the use of prayer, evil in religion, and that people are not truly educated unless they have studied the world’s major religions and ethics systems. Of course the latter is so they are able to provide logical reasons as to why major religion is essentially mind and lifestyle control.

Some famous atheists include:

  1. Woody Allen
  2. Einstein (scientist – not surprising)
  3. Thomas Edison (ditto)
  4. Thomas Jefferson (what happened to “in God we trust?”)
  5. Nietszche
  6. Freud (not surprising considering he lived during WWII and was forced to seek asylum within the UK ….or hop on a one-way train to Auschwitz…incidentally he was Jewish, not Christian)
  7. George Eliot (author)
  8. Kevin Bacon (with or without the 6 degrees of separation from society and the Lord)
  9. George Carlin  – watch this – you’ll die (and get eaten by worms): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPOfurmrjxo 
  10. George Clooney
  11. Stephen Hawking
  12. Noam Chomsky
  13. Marquis de Sade (he truly did abscond his faith so he could commit and write about acts of sexual sadism…this was known as Enlightenment….enlightened atheists everywhere must be proud…and a bit sore)
  14. Karl Marx
  15. Jean-Paul Sartre
  16. Bob Geldof (he was surprised when he didn’t solve all of Africa’s hunger and poverty issues – hence the atheism…at least they let him keep the sword)
  17. Simon Le Bon
  18. Geddy Lee
  19. Frank Zappa (anyone who would sing about not eating yellow snow really isn’t capable of surprising me about his atheism)
  20. Arthur Miller (surprising considering he married Marilyn Monroe)

Atheists are:

  1. Pro Choice (god bless them)
  2. Some atheists are into this naturism or nudist thing – attending resorts where you can prance about as naked as a jaybird but of course  not for erotic or sexual purposes….this is what God – oops – nature intended (personally when I think of the types of bodies that probably inhabit those resorts all I can do is offer up a little prayer – um, I mean – I utter a silent thanks for the invention of clothes). One of their interviewees – a male – stated this nudism is not erotic and he hadn’t seen an erection in 2 decades….perhaps he should go to a medical doctor so he and his wife can keep their marriage intact.
  3. Supportive of transsexual/transgender people.

Overall atheists appear to be of the mindset: show me the money, Jerry – and maybe, just maybe, they’ll step up.  Meh, there are worse things people could do….such as destroy people for not believing in their religious and cultural perspectives.


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