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The Ongoing Saga of the Michael Bryant – Drug Courier Bicycle Manslaughter

It appears I am not the only one with a Michael Bryant obsession since his manslaughter of a down and out drug courier.  No, no I swear it has nothing to do with the man’s physical appeal and social status.  What, you say?  His status has been obliterated due to the unfortunate courier incident?  Nonsense, friend.  Clearly you are not versed in the ways of Michael Bryant’s current fate since removing a Toronto cyclist from the face of the earth.

Since the incident, as I have posted in Whatever happened to former AG and murderer, Mike Bryant?,Bryant has become employed as a corporate lawyer with Ogilvy Renault within the financially prosperous Bay Street network.  He’s still pulling down the big bucks and no wonder:  corporations don’t care about people, certainly not the little guy, so why would they give a hoot about an alleged killer handling their accounts?  Just so long as Bryant knows what he’s doing when they are audited so their unethical practices are successfully hidden, they’re happy.  In fact Bryant’s fatal mistake in the Bloor Street manslaughter may even bolster his corporate image: there’s a guy who can kill without conscience so surely he is willing to twist a few numbers here and there in favour of ripping the system.  And don’t tell me this is unnecessary due to the equally unethical Stephen Harper reign of terror in the House of Commons: there is always a way to screw the supposed partner in fiscal crime. Birds of a feather don’t necessarily groom each other’s quills:  just ask Stalin about Hitler.

Ah but it’s not as though I truly believe Bryant should be behind bars.  The courier was equally at fault.  Apparently he started it and this is morally poignant when battling the enemy. Remember saying that to your parents when you were a kid?  Do you remember their somewhat comical response?  In this case it was Bryant who demonstrated I don’t care who started it, I’ll finish it.  And did so, with resounding aplomb.

To keep updated on the Michael Bryant case check out Bryantwatch below.  I have included a post of my own of course.  You may quote from it with my fully endorsed permission:



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