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The Hot Body of the Year – A 66 Year Old Actress

Well it’s about time America got some sense. Helen Mirren, the 66-year-old actress was voted Body of the Year by LA Fitness beating out the likes of JLo, Pippa (my God they actually consider her to be a celebrity…when will people learn?)…Elle McPherson, Kate Winslet and a couple of other not-worth-honourable mentioning.  I must say Winslet has a lovely shape, a refreshing change from skin and bones.  But Mirren nailed it for the attractiveness of her body and the work she has done to keep it that way.  She also doesn’t look 66 in the face whatsoever.

Perhaps that means that movie roles for “older women” (God I hate that expression) will start appearing although I wouldn’t put money on that one just yet. After an actress turns 30 she’s usually toast (warm, buttery, fattening toast). The occasional aged woman gets a role but naturally these are non-glamorous and very infrequent. Whatever.

I remember reading an article where Jane Russell, the brunette co-star of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe and a major female star in her day, answered the question of “why don’t you keep making movies?”, with “I turned 30.”  No kiddin’.

The thing is most young actresses are terrible. They aren’t convincing. They lack credibility. Why? They may simply be eye candy not fit for serious, dramatic movie roles (although some of them can handle comedy). And they lack experience the kind that comes with, oh, age, right.

Young actors seem to fare better. Perhaps I am simply swayed by their physical beauty but I’ve always been impressed by the talent of Johnny Depp (great character actor), Leonardo DiCaprio (he performed two incredible roles in the same film as the corrupt King Louis XIV and the unfortunate Philippe  in the remake of The Man in the Velvet Mask at oly 24), and Matt Damon (brilliant in The Talented Mr Ripley at age 29), have yet to be matched by any actress in my book.  Watch Leonardo Di Caprio Freaks Out

Let’s consider some of the current leading ladies in Hollywood:

Megan Fox – easy on the eyes and not the worst of the bunch….her roles are kinda weird  (remember the broad with the machine gun for a leg?)

Rachel McAdams – meh – she’s okay. She played a good grown-up role in The Notebook although that kind of romance shmuck
isn’t my speed.

Emily Blunt – our Canadian gal, she’s actually quite good, one of the few actresses I can watch now and then. Some good roles too (The Devil Wears Prada and Charlie Wilson’s War).

Kirsten Dunst – major disappointment. Did you see her when she was a child actress in Interview with the Vampire?  Incredible. She never did live up to that potential.

Natalie Portman – until Black Swan she was not as good  as she is good-looking. Even her Black Swan performance was just so-so.

Anne Hathaway – cute-looking and charming yet all she ever plays is fluff.

Yet these are the box office babes of Hollywood. To be sure the majority of movie buffs tend to be between the ages of 17 and 28 but then again if scripts and leading ladies were more sophisticated the pendulum might swing the other way.

Bravo for Helen Mirren!  Now, get out there and nab some spotlight roles would you? You’re not just a body and a pretty face you know.  Helen Mirren winning an Oscar for The Queen


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