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Damned Destinies: Eerie Echoes Between Hitler and Stalin

Speaking of mastermind cult leaders, watch A & E Biography Hitler and Stalin pt 1/5  The biography is a staggering summary of the parallels between the treacherous, vile lives of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. It was almost as though the two dictators were one and the same person living in different demographics, leading me to question the possibility of psychic destiny. Ironically,  Stalin, once Hitler’s partner in crime then later his nemesis, lead to Hitler’s inevitable defeat and suicide.

Comparisons between the two are astounding:

Joseph (STALIN) dze Jughashvili
Born in a rural village to a deeply religious mother, who was married to a much older man. She birthed Joseph at 18 and dedicated Joseph’s life to god.
His father beat Joseph and his mother frequently and severely. As a result, Joseph felt terribly unworthy and developed an inferiority complex.
It was suspected that Stalin’s mother committed adultery and had Stalin by a man for whom she worked. Stalin was considered illegitimate.
Physically he believed he was unattractive –  5’4″; pockmarked face; one arm shorter than the other due to an accident when he was 12.   watch private life of stalin: I
Like Hitler, Joseph had an artistic side; Yosef’s was in the way of poetry.
As a child Joseph developed a temper and held grudges against people; he had an enemy complex.
Joseph was highly intelligent but he was very violent with his peers.
He became interested in anarchy, terrorism and Marxism

Joseph lived the life of a revolutionary for 15 years – Joseph renamed himself Stalin – man of steel. Comrades who knew him before he took on his new identity are tortured and murdered after Stalin gains political power. In order to take on a new identity, he destroyed the old one.
Stalin knew he wanted political power and strove toward it for several years until he seized power in 1924.
Lenin suffered strokes and he warned the party to beware of Stalin – he saw Stalin had a problematic personality – but when Lenin died Stalin achieved power through the use of agents who eliminated potential opponents.
Stalin displayed symptoms of paranoia long before his dictatorship – he even turned against old friends and had them killed.  watch private life of Stalin: II

His 2nd marriage when he was 40, was to a 17-year-old named  Nadya. She bore him 2 children. Stalin refused to acknowledge his children as his own, claiming they belonged only to Nadya.
Stalin’s first wife died the same year as Hitler’s mother.
Stalin was notoriously cruel to Nadya although she looked up to him and loved him.
Nadya was shot in the heart after a marital fight – either it was a suicide or Stalin killed her himself. watch private life of stalin: III

Stalin had Kirov, a popular party boss, assassinated although Keoff was a strong supporter of Stalin.  Stalin loved him but disapproved of Keoff’s popularity. Stalin made it known this was the reason he assassianted Keoff and this instilled terror in his party.
Up to 2,000 people were murdered a day in Moscow to satisfy Stalin’s paranoia – members of his governing group were too afraid to oppose him.
Stalin erased images of people in his regime whom he assassinated and all records of their existence – rather like a 2nd death.
When Hitler and Stalin finally met in order to sign a non-aggression treaty in 1940, Hitler managed to lull Stalin into a false sense of security. By 1941 Hitler invaded Russia in Operation Barbarossa.
Stalin took this betrayal very personally and for several weeks he went into a nervous breakdown  but eventually Stalin recovered and defeated Hitler in Stalingrad.
After Hitler’s defeat Stalin, ironically, also began a persecution of Jews, deporting them to Siberia and murdering them with pogroms en route. Towards the end of his life he displayed senility and bizarre behaviours. Stalin wandered aimlessly through rooms in his house and  hanging magazine pictures of smiling children on his walls, as if these were his family.  watch Private life of Stalin: VI

ADOLF (HITLER)  Schicklgruber
Hitler was born in a rural village to an 18 year old mother who was much younger than Hitler’s father. She deveoted Hitler’s life to God.
His father renamed himself Hitler.
As a boy Hitler was beaten severely and often by his father; his father beat him into a coma on one occasion and Hitler developed a severe inferiority complex, believing he was not worthy to live
Hitler disliked his appearance: in particular his declining forehead, small eyes and the broad shape of his nose which he considered Jewish-looking.
Hitler’s father was illegitimate. His grandmother refused to reveal the identity of Hitler’s grandfather. At the time Hitler’s father was conceived she lived with a Jewish family.  Hitler spent the rest of his life obsessed with the fear that his grandfather was Jewish, possibly his mother’s employer.
Among his peers, Hitler was egotistical and domineering. watch 1939 hitler visits his school


Hitler moved to Vienna in order to become an artist. He lived on a small inheritance his mother controlled. After his mother died, Hitler became non-functional, he was devastated by her death.
Hitler only painted landscapes; never people – for this reason he was rejected by a prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna he longed to enroll in.
Hitler decided the rejection was due to the Jewish members of the Academy committee – afterward Hitler became exposed to anti-Semitic literature and this influenced his own anti-Semitic beliefs.
In WWI Hitler enrolled in the military and discovered he belonged in the militia; for the first time in his life he was happy. He was awarded the Iron Cross, First Class and he survived 50 battles wherein his own regimen was destroyed multiple times. watch Hitler’s Rise to Power

Hitler revered and idealized women but treated them with contempt; he developed an obsession with women and sex, in spite of his extreme inhibitions.
Hitler was engaged to a woman named Mimi Reiter in the 1920s.
He lived in an incestuous relationship with his much younger niece Geli; Hitler idolized and worshipped her yet he also treated her in an authoritarian way.  Geli became pregnant by a Jewish man and shortly after revealing this information to Hitler she committed suicide or she was shot in the chest by Hitler himself. Certainly Hitler was somehow involved in Geli’s death.
Reiter committed suicide during her relationship to Hitler, leading historians to speculate that Hitler indulged in sexual fetishes that drove these women to their deaths.
Hitler had already been seeing 18 year old Eva Braun who wanted to marry Hitler and have children but he refused. Hitler wanted no children.
Hitler worshipped Eva but he never took her out publicly and she felt lonely and neglected. She attempted suicide twice – but Hitler kept his distance from her and didn’t display affection towards her.   watch hitler and eva braun

Hitler created the SS and the Gestapo to enforce his power in his political party and against “enemies of the state“, already Hitler displayed a paranoid fear of “enemies”.
Hitler erased part of his own history when he annexed Austria (his birth place) and made it part of the Third Reich. He then took steps to eliminate suspicion of his possibly Jewish origins when he eradicated his birth village and destroyed his father’s birth certificate.
Ironically, until these actions no one suspected Hitler of a Jewish heritage and rumours only began after he destroyed his birth village and used it as a firing range, demolishing buildings and cemeteries. In order to affirm his new, powerful identity, Hitler destroys his origins.
Hitler divided people into predators or victims and his next victims were Jews; Hitler began their elimination under cover of war.
Eventually his secret agenda was to attack Russia.
15 months later after the launching of Operation Barbarossa in a city ironically named Stalingrad, Hitler’s downfall began at the hands of the Red Army. watch Hitler’s Last Gamble – battle of the bulge
Even when he began losing the war Hitler continued to eliminate Jews, removing trains from the war front to transport Jews to death camps.
1943 – Hitler became more severely addicted to amphetamines than ever. His physician gave him syringes of amphetamines every morning but Hitler also took oral amphetamines and barbituates to sleep. Hitler appeared to be developing Parkinson’s Disease due to his drug use and as a result he became even more paranoid. He lost the ability to reason logically about war strategies. His body was found with a picture of his mother in his wallet.  Watch 1/8: Hitler and Stalin, Twin Tyrants


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