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Cult Phenomenon – Series III – The Re-Programming of Young Minds and Diet Coke

What do diet coke and mind re-programming have in common? Consider the recent “warning” about diet coke that went around the internet. It discussed the fact that someone, somewhere (no sources cited) discovered that diet coke causes multiple sclerosis (hogwash, incidentally).  This is not to state that an overabundance of diet coke or any other artificial food is without harm, but this usually takes an exorbitant amount and even then these side effects are generally seen in a certain sub-group within the general population. How was the government information in this silly article accessed? Who is this doctor and how has his short-term study proven negative side effects about aspartame? Read Don’t Drink the Diet Coke 

This isn’t to say that diet coke and its use of aspartame is harmless. Perish the thought. It staggers me that thousands of people read this inconclusive study and bought into it. That’s the stuff of mass control. This is the type of control and “expertise” found in most cults. And let’s not forget that a so-called expert can twist information to suit his/her own needs. Watch cults: dangerous devotion pt 1

It becomes easy to understand how a young person between the ages of 18 – 25 (ideal age for cult recruitment due to gullibility) are prime targets for mind re-programming, more commonly known as brainwashing. Brainwashing is an extreme term. Sometimes the cult recruit rejects all they once cherished about their lives and become isolated from family and friends. Most people however, even when they remove themselves and refuse to communicate with family and friends for long periods of time, aren’t entirely receptive to mind re-programming. They are more likely over time to question cult practices and their own participation, especially when the cult becomes more demanding and offers little in return. The end result for many cult members is being ejected by the cult or voluntarily leaving on their own. Many cults do eject members and don’t try to retrieve members who want to leave: such a person isn’t of any use to them anymore so they don’t waste their time.

Members who remain in cults have become fully victimized by cult doctrine. Sometimes a cult will invest energy in retaining these people.  They  convince recruits that if they leave the cult they will go to Hell or their family and friends will leave them. Or recruits are too frightened to leave, victims of physical and sometimes sexual abuse. Read How Cults Work  Re-programming is an abrupt and repetitive process in order to initiate a new member:

  1. seldom leave the new member alone
  2. constant verbal reiteration of rules and belief systems  watch 10 minutes to a trance – relax hypnosis
  3. reinforcement of rules
  4. sometimes creating a compound where members live together
  5. long-distance, continual access through the internet
  6. putting the new member to work 12 – 16 hours a day
  7. discouraging contact with family and friends outside of the cult
  8. promise members riches if that person invests money and time in the cult
  9. provide recruits with CDs, DVDs, books, seminars, etc to keep member recruited
  10. require the member to do volunteer work that seems to be beneficial to people around them
  11. offer quasi-religious workshops and courses designed to enlighten people then suggest a more advanced course that costs even more money
  12. physical and sexual abuse
  13. political edge – Hitler and Stalin are evil embodiments of this type of mass cult membership; terrorist groups, black and white supremacists are other examples  watch A & E biography Hitler and Stalin part 1/5
  14. a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations front which hides what the group is really like.

The PR machine tells recruits how they help the poor, or support research, or peace, or the environment. With so many influences presented to a new recruit it isn’t surprising that re-programming young minds is a lot easier to achieve than it may seem. Concepts that a recruit might have found repulsive or immoral before being recruited by a cult are slowly indocrinated into his/her belief system and way of life. Cults rely heavily upon that element of surprise and it is one of many reasons why mind re-programming is so successful in recruiting decent, sensible people into a chaotic and treacherous lifestyle. watch most evil mastermind 1/5


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