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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

Imagine working out 14 hours a day every day?  Heidi Montag, she of the 10 plastic surgeries in one day, does just that in her quest to be the fittest of them all in Hollywood. Watch Family Guy Model Misbehaviour   I’ve heard of obsessive exercise but 14 hours staggers me. When does she have time to work, eat, have a relationship or go to the toilet?

There is suspicion among fitness experts and psychologists alike that extreme exercisers are actually expressing an eating disorder rather than merely being addicted to exercise. There are many reasons why a person would dedicate many hours in their day, every day, to exercise and none of them are at all healthy:

  1. eating disorder – these people are actually purging due to binge eating the day or night before or they suffer from anorexia watch anorexia tv commercial
  2. body dysmorphia – a strange neurological disorder wherein a person believes that a part of their anatomy or face is disfigured and disproportionate to the rest of their body
  3. media madness – the media focus on super thin women and 6-pack ab men drives extreme exercises to, well, exercise in the extreme watch bbc desperately hungry housewives
  4. psychological disorders – extreme exercise can be a form of self-punishment or harsh self-discipline
  5. perfectionism – and its waaay out of control
  6. addictive personality –  the addictive personality incorporates exercise into their routine in the extreme without the objectivity to realize their behaviour is unhealthy. watch obsessed: scott at the gym
  7. mental illness – extreme behaviours can be symptoms of a mental illness, for instance extreme exercise might result from ongoing mania in the bipolar disorder personality.
  8. quest for eternal youth and beauty read going to extremes – psychology today
  9. learned behaviour from family members  read why i avoid mirrors

Watch Extreme Exercisers  Going to Far to Get Fit?


Some people run and pump iron to get that runner’s high – the endorphin rush that comes with over-exercising. Others ascribe to the age-old mantra “no pain, no gain“. Exercising until you faint or vomit reflects the latter and yes, people actually do that. Such a disturbing mentality may be caused by misinformation. For instance, a person might believe that overloading a workout is time efficient and will result in faster results. Others believe that pushing it to the max is the only thorough exercise regimen; anything less is “cheating”.  Read Extreme Exercise – associated content 

The woman who wrote Why i Avoid Mirrors (above) detailed her self-loathing as a byproduct of growing up with a mother who exhibited extremely sick and narcissistic behaviours. Her mother lived on peppermints and coffee for 50 years yet insisted to herself and the mirror that she was fat and monstrous. How could she possibly believe such a ludicrous accusation? Suggestibility is key. watch extreme skinny celebrities part 3   Cults use it to recruit hapless, unsuspecting members (read my post Cult Phenomenon Series 2 – Profiles of Cults and their Victims    ). The author insists she quit eating for a few years when she was in her 20s. Perhaps she was a Breatharian at the time. see my post Cult Phenomenon Series I – The Breatharians.  watch the price of a healthy diet

Perhaps extreme exercise is simply part of the routine for some people and they do not suffer from any of the above delusions. Watch Family Guy Stew-roids  It’s possible that some people just really, really love to be in a gym and they really, really love their bodies. Well, why not? I don’t know about 14 hours. That one still creeps me out. watch living with size zero part I  But every day for a couple of hours, meh, not such a big deal. I’ve been known to indulge in that manner and I never considered  myself to be out of control. Sometimes it just feels right unless of course you’re exercising to the point of vomiting or passing out. That one needs a little more probing by a therapist. Read a glib article entitled Extreme Exercise Tips


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