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Cult Phenomenon – Series II – Profiles of Cults and their Victims


There are numerous definitions and popular misconceptions about cults. watch 2012 NASA scientist speaks the real truth about 2012. Generally speaking many sociologists define cults as:

  1. a group of people led by a strong authority figure with negative intentions
  2. practice mind control using several manipulative mechanisms
  3.  oppressive and defying basic values of a particular society
  4. promises falsely to fulfill needs not filled by society
  5.  sexually and physically abusive
  6. watch cults: dangerous devotion pt 10


  1. Milieu control – cults bring recruits onto their milieu or an area where they have territorial control
  2. Mystical Manipulation – cult believe they have been mystically called by God to fulfill a special role
  3. Sacred Science – these cults present themselves as a science to quell opposition (eg. Scientology) watch scientology is a fee based religion  watch family guy road to the multiverse
  4. Loaded Language – a special jargon that makes members feel they possess an esoteric knowledge
  5. Doctrine over person – the recruit is expected to place the cult’s interests ahead of their own
  6. Dispensing of existence – only members of the group meaningfully exist
  7. Emotional control – attempt to convince recruit that within the group everything is joyful Read Cults: Public Perceptions vs Research


  1. Unification Church – recruit through warmth and acceptance. After indoctrination, the recruit is forced to work 16 – 20 hours a day with little rest and offered a low protein diet to become more malleable. Enforced sexual purity due to the leader’s jealousy that a member might become loyal to a member than to the cult. watch unification church on Fox news
  2. International Church of Christ – the Boston chapter of this Church so devoutly believes their mission they permitted a supposedly qualified church growth researcher who was not a member of the cult to study members. The researcher conducted two psychological studies on 835 members, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The researcher concluded that the Boston Church of Christ was producing unhealthy changes in personality types. watch international church of christ part 1 of 6
  3. Villa Baviera – established by a former Nazi party member Paul Schäfer Schneider. Their compound was used by Chilean police to torture and interrogate subjects. Many former Bavierans publicly apologized for sexually abusing children.
  4. Raëlian Church – a UFO religion whose doctrine includes sexuality, the belief that extraterrestrials created humans, and use the swastika as a symbol of peace. watch raelian movement videos – summary of the messages ; 
  5. The Concerned Christians – a group of 78 adults and children who have the potential to be violent. The founder, Monty Kim Miller’s predictions all have failed to materialize including that of his own death in 1999 and his resurrection 3 days later. Most CCs live in Denver, Colorado or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. watch doomsday cult says nuclear war starts next week june 12
  6. House of Yahweh – located in Texas this group is considered potentially dangerous although there has been no loss of life within the cult. They believe Satan is a female in control of all the world’s governments. They exert mind control over their Abilene sect. They practice polygyny and believe they will play a role in Armageddon (the Nuclear Baby). watch Dr Phil House of Yahweh 3


  1. Between 18 and 25 years
  2. naive
  3. recruited during a difficult, transitional period in life
  4. restriction of emotions
  5. new way of talking
  6. splitting from family watch family guy chitty chitty death bang
  7. victims of thought reform programming
  8. suddenly go “missing”
  9. some are ejected by cult
  10. intelligent, capable and able to fulfill cult’s needs
  11. watch dangerous devotion part 1 of 9

Read Excerpts from cults in our midst

That there exist harmless cults is difficult to comprehend since they all expound a measure of mind control. Breatharians appear to be relatively harmless if patently false and ridiculous. They don’t live in unity on a single compound, however they encourage a “movement” that discourages people from eating or drinking.Their leader changed their name to the bezerk divine label Jasmuheen. She makes money from her “followers” through motivational speeches and the sale of her books. watch family guy – dinner with nudists


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