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Whatever Happened to Former AG and Murderer Mike Bryant? (You Won’t Like the Answer)

Michael James Bryant, who once enjoyed the distinguished status of the youngest Ontario Attorney General in Ontario history, plummeted to the depths of notoriety as the youngest former Ontario AG to commit manslaughter by dragging a bike courier to his death.  Read CP24 Former Ontario AG Bryant charged after bike courier dragged to his death– a video is embedded in this one with a laughable”mournful” performance displayed by AQ Bryant – (the only phonier sobbing apology I ever saw was Todd Bertuzzi about the Steven Moore assault).See my blog “Public Apologies” and Other Utter B.S.   The man was “released with conditions” (condition # 1: “no dragging couriers to their deaths by vehicle“), the day after he killed Darcy Allen Sheppard.

I anticipated a frenzied media follow-up to Bryant’s 28 second tete-a-tete with the late Mr. Sheppard (Bryant should have nixedhim at Sheppard Avenue – that way he’d already have a street named after him), but alas, the dragging death has not fulfilled its promise. So naturally I went digging for dirt (Mr. Sheppard  has nothing to worry about – I was nowhere near the cemetery when I went digging) but before I shovel it upon my faithful following of one (hi Damian) let me provide a brief, professional background dating 3 pre-homicidal years before all this unpleasantness. watch Michael Bryant:

    1. To recap the ironic career of Mr. Bryant: “He produced the greatest controversy and acclaim of his 10-year political career (well, second greatest) by targeting street-racing motorists.” “In 2007 he gave the police the power to seize and destroy cars modified for racing.”“After describing such cars as being as dangerous, he said, “We will crush your car, we will crush the parts.”  What he meant to say was “we will crush your bicycle, we will crush you.”   Watch raw footage – Toronto Cyclist Sheppard Killed – Bryant on security cameras. “Later that year the province passed a bill to deem any vehicle traveling more than 50 kilometers an hour, or 31 miles an hour, faster than  the speed limit to be racing. The legislation allows the police to immediately seize vehicles and suspend licenses.” Um…okay so where is Bryant’s license? Still in his wallet I suspect. Read Canadian politician charged in death.

Bryant’s successful life continues unabated. He works at the pretigious Toronto law firm, Ogilvy Renault, on Bay Street atop the Royal Bank Plaza. He works for their (get this) energy team. Well Bryant has a lot of that, doesn’t he? Read Michael Bryant quietly gets a new job.  Ogilvy Renault is the former employer of Brian Mulroney, who of course became implicated in the Airbus scandal for taking 2 million dollars in bribes. Renault has a taste for amoral politicians….mind you is there any other kind? read lawyer challenges mulroney’s testimony during 1996 airbus lawsuit 

Now lest we think Darcy Allen Sheppard (does Allen Road intercept Sheppard Avenue?) was completely blameless, allow me to provide a sketchy profile of said courier:

    1. He was born into a low income Metis family in Alberta.
    2. Sheppard was removed from his Metis family and placed in the Alberta foster care system.
    3. He was adopted at 5 years old, then returned to the Alberta foster care system by the age of 10.
    4. He was a drug courier. (What did you think it was? Flyers?)
    5. He fathered 4 children – 2 in Alberta and 2 in Ontario.
    6. He made attempts to kick his alcohol and drug abuse habit.
    7. He was drunk at the time of his death.
    8. He had just left his girlfriend’s apartment on George Street after she called police to have him removed from the premises.

So we have the temperamental and no doubt egotistical Michael Bryant parked on Bloor Street at the same time as the drunken and sexually frustrated Darcy Sheppard rode up alongside Bryant’s shiny black Saab. This began as a case of two people meeting under unfortunate circumstances when they were both in a darned bad mood (what Bryant’s issues were, who knows). Read Bike Courier Troubled Spirit who battled his addictions.

I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the city’s decision to remove the Jarvis bike lanes in Toronto in June 2011.  Read public works committee votes to kill Jarvis bike lanes. (Unfortunate choice of words, that.) Droves (pun) of cyclists are protesting the decision. They want those bike lanes open. Now that just goes to show you how short-lived people’s memories are about bicycling “accidents.”

 Darcy Allen Sheppard.  R.I.P.

Watch Memorial ride for Darcy Allen Sheppard.


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