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“You Look Too Good for Surgery”

I went to see my plastic surgeon today for my usual shot of botox (once every 4 months – the stuff is miraculous). Actually he is a new surgeon for me and when he walked in and saw me sitting on the patient bed he looked me over quickly and simply said “you look too good for surgery. You don’t need it.” I was utterly pickled. And tickled. What an awesome beginning to a professional relationship. Corrective surgery aside the top five plastic surgeries include liposuction, breast implants, blepharoplasty, (eyelid reshaping), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and breast reduction. Read Most popular plastic surgeries  No surprise there. Watch televised plastic surgery gone wrong

I am into the botox scene and now I’m considering filler. This is what happens apparently when you start playing around with Mother Nature and the aging process. My surgeon told me “it gets addictive.” However I am only looking at non-invasive surgeries. Non-invasive surgery means no deep cutting, no invasion of a body cavity. It’s not the same as minimally invasion surgery which is where a person requires a general anesthetic and can undergo something like a partial hip replacement. Read what is noninvasive surgery? 

I watched a documentary that explained the whole plastic or cosmetic surgery addiction thing (it seems to be the new vice among the well-monied set). It goes like this: once a person has their nose done the rest of their face seems a little “off” in comparison. Maybe the cheekbones aren’t prominent enough or the brow bone is too prominent so the patient returns for more and more surgery. Watch plastic surgery addiction becoming more common? By contrast, is it really possible to get addicted to something as harmless as and subtle as non-invasive surgery?( A few minutes ago I just read that laser surgery is used on facial wrinkles. I must look into that. Oh and lookee here. I just found 9 non-invasive face-lifting techniques. Awesome. Must keep an eye out for more of this stuff.)  Watch non-invasive surgery (non-invasive fat removal)

12 years ago I was told the same thing by a plastic surgeon: “you look too good for surgery. You don’t need anything done.” I never thought I’d hear those words again. I asked Dr. Tumi to marry me. Alas, no luck. My goodness didn’t I just float on air out of Dr. Tumi’s office. I have a feeling the best lift I got that day was to my ego. No charge.


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  1. plastic surgery procedures these days are getting more and more popular because everyone wants to improve their appearance…

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    Comment by Darwin Rigatti | November 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Agreed. Interestingly, a blogger named Penelope Trunk has advised people numerous times to invest in plastic surgery in order to get and maintain jobs. I am inclined to agree with her. In a competitive job market, younger people as well as younger-looking people are prime candidates, but it would appear that once a candidate is middle-aged and older, job searches become more difficult. Many of these people (at least in the blogs and research I’ve read) believe this is strictly due to ageism.

      Comment by gothrules | November 14, 2012 | Reply

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