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Unpretty Pippa Picked a Pretty Dress that Put Pretty in the Posterior

Pippa-mania is baffling to me. That she is Princess Kate’s sister, the sister-in law of Prince William is kind of impressive although since Kate and Pippa are commoners, Pippa doesn’t get a title by default. That doesn’t seem to deter the press. They’ve gone as nuts over her as Kate yet she isn’t anywhere near as pretty. Her figure, while attractive, isn’t Sports Illustrated material. Her hair needs cutting. I mean, this woman is not just a commoner she is a common commoner. Watch Pippa Middleton Steals Royal Spotlight from Kate Middleton

Can you believe that women are requesting a derriere like Pippa’s from plastic surgeons? Watch Butt Implants. (Speaking of plastic surgery read my blog You look too good for surgery.”) There is a surgeon who offers a Pippa butt cheek special or some such gimmick. Read Pippa Middleton’s Rear End Causes Lover’s Spat. Pippa’s derriere has its own Facebook page and a twitter account. To get “ a derriere like Pippa’s” you need ass implants pardon my slang, and reshaping with liposuction. OMG. Read buttocks augmentation. There was a time when women didn’t want big, round butts. Why the sudden change in trends? Read Pippa Middleton’s bum attracts quite a following.

The press writes moronic things about Pippa that take up internet space. For instance, Marie Claire printed a whole article entitled Pippa Middleton’s Fitness Secret Revealed!  These are some show-stopping headlines: “Did Pippa Middleton Dump her Boyfriend and Upgrade to Someone Richer?” “Shania Twain Graces the Cover of People, Not Pippa!” “Pippa Middleton Photo Scandal!”  Watch Pippa Middleton the Royal Porn Star? Do people actually read this stuff? Did Pippa’s parents deliberately name her Pippa, or did their favourite poodle named Pippa die and when Pippa was born they named her after the poodle?

Pippa’s brother James Middleton has become famous for his butt: there’s a pic of it on the internet.  Read James Middleton Shows Royal Bum in Leaked Nude Photos. What is it with that family and their butts? Pictures of Pippa walking away give me hope she will eventually walk out of the British tabloids and be replaced by someone more news-worthy. Watch 1000 ways to die: ass full of caulk.


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