40 years of faulty wiring

Food: Friend or Foe?


I finally came to a conclusion about what I eat. There is no such thing as a bad food. There is no such thing as a good food. Food may be nutritional or not nutritional but that doesn’t make it good or bad. Good and bad are values. Food doesn’t have a value. When we grew up we heard “that’s good for you.”  We also heard “that’s bad for you.”   That was the first time we equated food with good and bad. It got worse as we got older. With the idea that food was good or bad judged our eating behaviour with our value system. Therefore when we ate “bad” food we felt ashamed. When we ate “good” food we felt exonerated. watch good foods vs bad foods

I started reading a cool book called “I Can Make You Thin” by Dr. Paul McKenna. He has 4 simple guidelines for eating well, slimming down and feeling good about yourself:

  1. eat when you are hungry
  2. eat only what you want, not what you think you should
  3. eat consciously with no distractions and enjoy your food
  4. stop when you think you’re full

I know you’re thinking “what what what?” I’ve been using these techniques as much as I can remember to and I lost 5 pounds in 10 days. If that’s due to the book then I’m getting my money’s worth. McKenna says that the more a person resists the foods s/he likes the more likely that person is to fail.  I agree with that. (I did kick diet coke but that had nothing to do with will power. One day I decided it tasted like sludge). watch paul mckenna – i can make you thin

There is nutrition in “junk” food (another value judgment by the way). watch family guy he’s too sexy for his fat. Big Macs do have nutrition they just have loads of fat and unnecessary calories. But there is red  meat, lettuce and cheese in a BMac and that does have nutritional value. The key with eating anything and not gaining weight is to really savour food and slow down.  Lots of chewing (which is how we’re supposed to eat), enjoying the taste and smell of our food, helps us to eat less. You might leave a few bites or you might leave as much as half a serving.  It took me weeks to slow down with my eating. I used to clean a plate in under 10 minutes. I do not want a colostomy bag anytime soon so now I eat like a normal person and not a savage. watch i can make you thin – diner experiment

Were you one of those kids who had to stay behind at the dinner table until you finally started eating, a practice I find to be especially cruel. Were you given nothing for the rest of the night if you really couldn’t eat what was in front of you? Punishing a child with food or by withholding food isn’t going to fix a picky eater. In fact it makes them dread dinner time since it is equated with emotional abuse. I remember as a child having a hot dog literally stuffed down my throat by an aunt until I choked. Talk about setting up a child for an eating disorder. That’s another thing. Telling ourselves that food is good or bad is a precursor to starving, binging, purging, regurgitating, and any number of unhealthy habits. Food should be an enjoyable experience not the enemy.  I much prefer Mckenna’s rule: eat only what you like. Bon appetit! watch keep your weight resolutions


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