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Senior Citizens as Entrepreneurs

Sounds like an odd concept but I would argue that point. If you’ve been laid off due to ageism in the workplace there is another route you can take: become an entrepreneur. Actually GenX’s who are mid-50’s and older are often ageism targets, not just seniors. Outrageous. watch ageism commercial. 

There is an alternative to working for someone else and waiting for the ageism axe to fall: work for yourself. No point in whining about the unfairness of it all. You’ve held various positions over the years (average career change numbers around 7). You may have been in a number of positions such as human resources, accountant, bookkeeper, secretary, management, nursing, truck driving, sales, teaching, etc. You’ve worked from entry level possibly to management. Read my blog Advice for Women Entrepreneurs (or Wannabes). Use the skills you acquired in these jobs and apply them to an entrepreneurial venture. Free e-book “Who moved my cheese?”  Meantime if you live in Canada check this site:  Targeted Initiative for Older Workers  It provides employment assistance services and employability improvement activities, such as skills upgrading and work experience, to assist unemployed workers aged 50 to 64 with their return to work.


  1. Research the Market – if there is competition that’s good: it means there is a market.
  2. Research start-up costs. Watch Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System
  3. Build a website.
  4. Blog your business.
  5. Advertise – classifieds, posters on telephone poles, facebook, twitter, etc. Watch How to create a twitter list
  6. Have business cards with you.
  7. Network
  8. Join a trade organization.
  9. Display your product/service at trade shows and market places.

Here are a few to get you started.

Teaching, sales, human resources, health care, consultant, software designer, counsellor, child care, interior design, image consultant.

Work as a motivational speaker to promote the power of positive thinking at corporations. Use your image consultant skills.

Get certified or apply the skills you learned as a homemaker or a nurse to work with the elderly or with disabled people.

Work online for an executive: contact clients, take messages, book appointments, order office supplies, etc. Watch Virtual Mom Assistant Make Money At Home  Here is a virtual site: Virtual Secretary, Virtual Assistant 

NETWORK MARKETING  Watch Entrepreneur or Pyramid Scheme
Also known as direct sales, many people believe it is a pyramid scheme. You can create your own legitimate NM business by attending online or in-person NM conferences offered through companies that are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Watch Its a Pyramid Scheme

Make professional websites for companies and entrepreneurs such as yourself.

You might end up on a company’s payroll again if you are a crackerjack on the internet. Since you work virtually your age doesn’t matter.

Operate a pet care/grooming business. If you have the skills become a breeder but learn the difference in a kennel and a puppy mill!

Run a day care centre in your home. You will need to have your home pass inspection when you register it as a business. Word of mouth helps to generate clients for a CCC.

If you enjoy the real estate market and have the confidence, go for it. You need to purchase a license and you will work for an established realty company.

Yep you can freelance as an auditor. You may wish to start off with small companies and work your way up.

If you have a great sales background work for temporary placement agencies. They need recruiters to find online resumes that match the jobs they offer and recruit people away from other agencies.

Freelance in the beauty industry. Work fashion shows. Work at photography studios where executives get business photographs taken. Work for special events such as weddings.watch how to become an entrepreneur

Read Six Style Tips for Interview Success As an entrepreneur you need to put your best foot forward when meeting potential new clients. You want the job and you need to impress your potential client. Freelance doesn’t mean slob. Watch Office Attire: the do not wear list. Be careful when chatting with clients:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol – not even one glass of wine: your negotiation skills are liable to slip.  What Not to say about a wrongful termination. 
  2. Don’t tell your clients what you have charged other people. Different jobs require different payment.
  3. Don’t undersell yourself.  Check the market to see on average how much other people are paid for the same work.

If you’re uncertain about freelancing and contracting try using Elance.com. Take a job of some sort. That is your first experience as a freelance worker. See? easy! Check my blogs Yes looks do matter…Some people even build a career on it and How to Start Your Own Business in One Day


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