40 years of faulty wiring

Crazy Career Killers

  1. That’s not my job”
  2. “I don’t know how”
  3. GenX’s dreading Ageism

Yes you are overworked and underpaid like the rest of us. Welcome to the 21st Century. Suck it up buttercup. No one is getting anything free. You do not operate within the confines of your job description. No one does and in fact that is a great way to show a lack of team spirit and a negative attitude towards your company. Don’t do it. Video: Dilbert Positive Attitude Video

Yes you do. Sure when you get past something you have never done before it is nerve-wracking. You might be able to refer to a mentor for help if you have one. A friend of mine (I’ll call him Howard) was asked by his boss to put a report together showing the analytics for the company’s website. Howard had never done analytics but it sounded like a reasonable request for his job as a social media specialist. He went online, researched what analytics were, found a free software program that could track the number and date of visits to the site and designed his own excel chart for his boss. It was professional and impressive. The boss was clueless that Howard didn’t know anything about analytics. He does now and it’s a great bullet for a resume. Video: Bad attitude in the work place

is real, I’m not going to argue that point.  However GenX’s range in age from 45 – mid-60’s. Very few 40-somethings have to worry about losing their jobs due to ageism.  You’re middle-aged, not senior citizens. The best job-proofing for 40 and 50-something GenX’s is to keep up to date with the computer software, databases, flexibility in your career, climbing the ladder and volunteering to take on projects outside of your job description (see “that’s not my job” above).  Read Ontario Human Rights Commission Ageism and Age Discrimination Companies need a mix of people with varying levels of experience. GenX’s who know the industry upside down who can still adapt to changing technology and current trends are invaluable. We need mentors for GenY’s (not the same thing as training someone to replace you … keep an eye out for that one). Video Too old to work certain phrases. We need GenY’s who have a lot of energy, bring new ideas to the workplace, and generally have no serious, long-term commitments to family, allowing flexibility with their hours. In your 40’s and 50’s ageism is a concern when you stop learning current industry trends and climbing the career ladder. Video Ageism for learning and development training

GenX’s in their 60’s however do have a real ageism problem. Many are let go simply because of their age yet they know software, they study current work trends and keep up with the office pace but the sad reality is that very few companies want senior citizens on the payroll. video: too old to work. The company’s attitude is hey it’s not personal, it’s business. Is this fair? Nope. Is there anything you can do about it? Short of taking the company to court (which won’t keep your job and you have a long shot at winning anyway), nope. Solution? Now is the time to either retire and enjoy your “golden years” or if you aren’t ready, become an entrepreneur. (Don’t reply “I don’t know how“. See the above. Read my blog Start Your Own  Business in One Day). You have decades of experience in numerous fields of work, as well as computer skills, people skills, and a large network of professional friends and clients. There’s a helluva start for a business. You just might take some of your corporation’s clients with you when you leave. Hey, it’s not personal, it’s business. So there. See my blog Advice for Women Entrepreneurs (and Wannabes).


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