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To Beat or Not to Beat … that is the questionable

Children’s rights have skyrocketed since the late 20th century in North America and in some ways that’s a good thing. I like the idea of prohibiting corporal punishment of kids. Children and spankings or beatings are senseless abuse and kids learn nothing except shameand violence from this type of “punishment.” In fact I’m not okay with the concept of punishing kids at all. It makes no sense either. All kids learn from that is might makes right and they’re up shit’s creek without a paddle. Fair? I think not. Adults don’t treat themselves that way. We make mistakes but we don’t punish ourselves (and no, beating yourself up over something doesn’t count). Sometimes we react and give a child the occasional slap, not intentionally. It’s a knee-jerk reaction.  Hey, a tap on the back of the hand or a light smack on a toddler’s bottom isn’t abuse. watch dr phil gives his opinion on spanking

In fact according to Ontario law physical punishment (there’s that word again) is legal if given with reasonable force and for an educational purpose. Watch smacking children practical parenting   Example:  a toddler attempts to run down the driveway into the path of an oncoming car and when daddy yells at the toddler to stop, she ignores him. Daddy catches up to toddler and smacks the baby on the bottom saying “NO.”  This is a legal form of punishment, certainly it is not corporal punishment, and I suggest it is not punishment but a consequence for an action.  watch to spank or not to spank

A Swedish politician named Helena Bargholtz is contending the New Zealand bill to reintroduce the legality of smacking children. She states, “corporal punishment of children  breaches their fundamental rights to respect for their human dignity and physical integrity.” I agree wtih Barholtz except if I saw a parent lightly smacking their misbehaving child on the back of the hand or on the bottom  that wouldn’t alarm me; some people might call 9-1-1 for such silly incidents. However once an act against another person has been outlawed, making it legal again makes little sense. What is the justification for it and especially a bill that permits physical discipline?  Read Spanking Kids is Never Acceptable: Swedish Politican

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child requires States, in its article 19, to protect children from ‘all forms of physical and mental violence’ while in the care of parents and others. However corporal punishment of children is legal in many countries, unlike other forms of inter-personal violence. This directly challenges the universal right to equal protection under the law. Sweden in fact has banned child spanking since 1979. Canada and the U.S. have yet to ban spanking. Read Senators approve anti-spanking bill    In September 2008 Parliament dissolved before Bill S-209 prohibiting corporal punishment and spanking of children in Canada was passed.  In 2009 In the U.S. spanking and corporal punishment is not addressed at the federal level; individual states introduce and vote to pass their own anti-spanking laws. Currently no state has outlawed spanking. Read Should Spanking Be Banned?

Of course if a child learns to listen only by being hurt, this doesn’t bode well for the child’s future. The child learns hurt, hitting, hate and fear. It is no accident that the majority of men and women prisoners in Canada and the U.S. were frequently spanked and hit by their parents/guardians. A rare, knee-jerk reaction may be one thing. A purposeful, habitual mode of parenting, quite another. Watch video Life in prison: spanked children fill cells


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