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Grow Up, Grunge Down … Make Up Your Mind

Ever noticed how career advice changes over the course of a person’s career?  It’s an interesting timeline but it’s easy to understand how confusing it can be to navigate the waters of career success.  Consider the challenges that face GenY’s today when are starting out after college.  They make a lot of mistakes when they start out (who doesn’t)? of the fresh, inexperienced sort that are almost enviable to those in their golden years on their way out but mistakes they are nonetheless.

Grow Up

  1. They enter a company wanting to know what it can do for them rather than the other way around
  2. They have to learn how to work as a team because they didn’t learn it in post-secondary school
  3. Their over-eagerness translates into “I want to be CEO by tomorrow
  4. College grads face the worst unemployment rate now in 20 years  Interview tips – Facebook and your job search

College grads think the world owes them something for slaving away at school since they were 5 and paying big bucks for a university degree. They’ve worked hard as students but that’s hardly earning your stripes. They are the ones who have some proving to do, not the other way around.  Watch College grads entering work force with few prospects

They scarcely worked as a team in college, in fact in high school either. We teach social skills and group work like crazy in elementary school and by senior year high school most kids struggle to get along with classmates and succeed best on their own.  Graduated and unemployed Grads are lucky if they get interviews, let alone jobs. The recession has hit so hard that 4 years later we still haven’t dug our way out of that hole. That means few companies are hiring and especially those with little or no experience. How to find a job during a recession.  It’s just as important to know how to land a job….resumes alone won’t do it. Graduates to join the unemployed.

When New Kid on the Block finishes a project at work and received some lovely accolades at a meeting s/he is waiting for that bonus or even overnight raise and are shocked when there is none. One or two projects and you’ve reached the Promised Land? Don’t think so. There are people who work for years until they move into seriously senior positions and have proven their worth many times over.


Grunge Down

GenX’s too have challenges of their own. They cast wary looks at GenYs and fear for their jobs. Their challenges include:

  1. Ageism  
  2. Keeping abreast of computer skills and other trends
  3. Having reached their peak aka their usefulness to the company

GenXs wake up one day and realize they have gone as far as they are going to go in their careers. If that isn’t where they pictured themselves one day, that’s quite disillusioning. And they’ve hit their salary peak.

Work has become mostly routine unless they are able to transfer between departments. The smart ones do. They want to keep learning and make themselves more valuable to their company. Many don’t. Usually when a recession hits the latter are the first to go but not always. Sometimes everyone gets axed because that’s the economy and starting over is much more difficult for a GenX than a GenY. Causes of economic recession

GenX’s have mortgages, spouses and kids. They have huge financial committments and it’s easy to lose sleep worrying over meeting those committments when the company tightens it’s belt. GenX’s worry about being made redundant and unless they can continually prove their worth it happens fairly easily.  GenX’s cost more money to a corporation than a GenY. GenYs work for lower pay and know as much or more as a GenX about computers and business trends. how to keep your job in a recession

Read my blog Crazy career killers. Kiss-asses often keep their jobs longer than hard workers and that sucks. It isn’t fair when the genuine article has put in more hours and has been responsible for more company success than “yes” men or women. But there are CEOs who love to have their ego stroked and their are false flatterers who know this and never miss an opportunity to work it.  trailer yes man

Two extremes, one career. If you’re lucky you have a job you like so that in the end all the stress has been worth it. If you hate your job all the stressors and the disappointments are two valid reasons to find a new one. That’s good advice whether you’re starting out or heading toward the last lap. how to know when to quit your job


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