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A Weird Reason to Oppose Divorce

A little boy of 7 was pulled over (probably for speeding and driving without a permit) by cops in Detroit recently. Incredibly he was able to stand on the gas pedal and steer, completely familiar with the concept of how to drive. The reason?  He wanted to go to his daddy’s house. He didn’t appear to want to spend the night with Mommy. 7-year-old boy drives 32km at 80 km/hr  At the time cops pulled him over his mother was at home slumbering blissfully, completely unaware that her 7-year-old son had made a brake (pun) for freedom and a mad dash to his father’s house. That’s wrong on so many levels:

  1. who taught this kid how to drive?
  2. haven’t his parents noticed this kid is still traumatized by their divorce?
  3. why doesn’t the kid have more choice regarding where he lives?
  4. Watch divorce and children

Alright so numbers 1 and 2 aren’t legal issues but #1 is definitely weird. I mean how does a 7-year-old figure out how to drive on his own? He doesn’t. Someone let him stand on the gas pedal and hold the wheel as the driver controlled speeds and watched for stop signs. # 2 is another good reason not to divorce unless it’s really, really crucial. Personally I think once you’ve made your bed you lie in it. That’s a bit harsh I know but a marriage counsellor and a genuine attempt to stay together can keep people from getting a lawyer. It’s okay if you are childless.  Not so okay when there are kids who are suffering to that extent. gary coleman on divorce court

Issue #3 is a legal one. In most regions kids under 10 cannot choose between their parents. The court usually divides up time between the father and the mother and, except in the case of abuse or neglect, the child has no choice but to live with both at different times. Sounds easy right? Look at this little kid. I beg to differ. But that’s the law, right or wrong. Watch ecounseling’s how can i help my children through divorce

And here’s what the poor little guy has to look forward to:

  • Children from divorced families are more likely to have academic problems.
  • They are more likely to be aggressive and get in trouble with school authorities or the police.
  • These children are more likely to have low self-esteem and feel depressed.
  •  Children who grow up in divorced families often have more difficulties getting along with siblings, peers, and their parents.
  •  In adolescence, they are more likely to engage in delinquent activities, to get involved in early sexual activity, and to experiment with illegal drugs.
  • In  adolescence and young adulthood, they are more likely to have some difficulty forming intimate relationships and establishing independence from their families.  watch divorce advice: how divorce affects teens

When you decide to marry, pick wisely.

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