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The Stench of Death

You’ve heard that expression many times. Death has its own peculiar, unmistakeable odour and once smelled, never forgotten. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have smelled death, not even a dead animal. People speak of noticing an unbearable odour before they realize the source, thus it is not psychology that makes the stench of human death repulsive. Watch Casey Anthony Spoke of Death Smell.  Imagine such a smell surrounding you continually every day, not from one corpse, but hundreds. Imagine an incoming train of hundreds of people about to become corpses arrivi

ng at your location, Treblinka, every week. In my blog Human Evolution Prohibits Incest, I included a youtube video about “unsexy scents“, whereby women found the odour of their immediate family repulsive, but not so much the odour of strangers. So influential is our sense of smell that it is one mechanism Nature created to prevent sexual allure between siblings. Watch Tot’s Grandmother to 9-1-1: Dead body smell in car.

Franz Suchomel, a former SS officer during WWII interviewed for a movie about his role at the death camp Treblinka, a small camp that had no lodgings, food or means of torture. The camp was built literally for shooting and cremating Jews. It was a small death camp that became over-run with corpses, cesspools, feces and Jews waiting to be killed. There were not enough ovens and not enough officers to dispose of the corpses and in little time the camp was swamped in death. Suchomel distinctly remembered the smell of the corpses, the smell of feces, the smell of gas and the smell of death. Watch Councilman: Sowell’s Neighbour Reported Foul Odour. He claimed the smell was ever-present; there was no escaping it. It was in the air all around Treblinka for miles and miles. For Jews on incoming trains it must have been a strong signal about what was yet to be, although many people pretended not to understand their fate, a means of completely losing one’s mind. Watch interview with an ss officer 2/7.

At first I was prepared to despise Suchomel, expecting him to declare that he was guiltless and to this day believed his role as a Nazi was unquestionably correct. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that was not the case. Suchomel talked of how often he and other SS officers sat and wept at the sight and smell of the bodies. Watch Cremation Process Suchomel must be guilt-ridden: he answers questions about the role of SS officers in the third person. Never does he include himself and his own actions unless he expresses remorse. You could argue he is putting on an act so as not to incur hatred but there are any number of former SS officers who have been interviewed for movies and who insist to this day they do not regret their actions and indeed some claim that extermination of the Jews was for a noble purpose. Suchomel is not one of them. (see my blog Religion, Superstitions, Language and the Holocaust: The Reframing of Evil into the Final Solution     .)


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