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Skin Sins and Fabulous Fixes


The epidermis is the topmost layer of skin. It has no nerve endings or blood vessels and is comprised of basal cells, melanocyte cells and a couple of other oddball things. The dermis the 2nd layer of skin and is comprised of nerve endings, collagen, elastin and some melanocytes. The epidermis is damaged by things like sunburn, acne and chickenpox scars. The dermis reveals this damage and causes an aged look to the face. Sun exposure is the number one culprit that damages the dermis, although cigarette smoking, facial expressions, aging, squinting in sunlight, alcohol, genetics, and stress are also factors. Watch how stress affects your skin.


  1. “Skin sag” happens when  collagen and elastin shrink and crack, and gives the epidermis less dermis to hold onto.
  2. When melanocyte cells in the dermis die this presents as white spots on the face and body.
  3. Wrinkles and fine lines happen from everyday facial expressions.
  4. Redness, or lack of even tone, indicates dilated blood vessels which happens due to UVA ray exposure. watch How to treat facial redness and red blotches.
  5. Acne and chickenpox scars are no one’s fault… although squeezing pimples can lead to staining/scarring. Watch how to treat milia If you are determined to unload that pimple watch how to pop a pimple. However give this some thought: Watch popping a zit can kill you. 
  6. Flaky, dull skin is the result of an excess of skin cells that have built up on the epidermis. This is remedied with exfoliation. Watch At what age to start exfoliating.
  7. Stretch marks happen from weight gain and loss, growth spurts and childbirth. Watch what are stretch marks?


Retinol-A – the miracle cure – There are all kinds of skin care products that promise remedies for ugly wrinkles and hideous fine lines with the inclusion of Retinol-A. While Retinol-A can be helpful to the epidermis it won’t reverse aging. You need 3 skin care products on a daily basis:  an anti-oxidant, a glycolic product and sunblock. Watch the 3 essential daily skin care products.

Micros rock. They feel good and they erode the built up dead skin cells on the epidermis. In your teens, 20’s and 30’s your epidermis renews itself every 28 days. By your 40’s and over this slows and a micro is a very effective exfoliation.Watch why you should exfoliate every day.

Glycolic peels
 are pretty great too. They also remove dead skin cells built up on the epidermis. Most estheticians start with the mildest level of glycogen since this peel has an acid base. Watch the different between glycolic and saliscylic acid.

Facial resurfacing removes the upper layers of the skin on the face (epidermis) without invasive cosmetic surgery.  It  reduces fine wrinkles, sun damage and even mild scarring.  It also tightens skin, evens out pigmentation and improves acne or chicken pox scars. Watch it’s not just wrinkles the 3 keys to perfect skin

These are effective non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Botox works because it freezes the muscle beneath your skin.Wrinkles are reduced since those muscles cannot move. watch how does botox prevent wrinkles? Filler fills in the deep lines and cracks in your skin. Both procedures are temporary. watch is botox dangerous?

This is the big gun of skin improvement. Cosmetic surgery affects both the epidermis and the dermis. Mini face-lifts and full face-lifts tighten the jawline and the overall “sag” to your skin by pulling up the facial skin and muscle.


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