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Incest, Twins and The Angel of Death


Josef Mengele, Auschwitz, was irrefutably one of the most diabolical Nazis during Hitler’s rule. A sociopath with a medical license, Mengele was handed hundreds of thousands of Jews to kill, torture and conduct atrocities upon which he did utterly without conscience. As it turned out Mengele was obsessed with identical twins, how they are replicated and if it was possible to control their replication; that is to control the reproduction of identical twins. It was based upon Hitler’s wish to re-populate Europe (and eventually the galaxy, no doubt) with his Aryan race that got Mengele to thinking about the controlled reproduction of identical twins: if it was possible to create twins between random matings the spread of the Aryan race would double, spreading over Europing at twice the rate of single births. Watch Josef Mengele The Angel of Death

Mengele began experimenting in all manner of ways: he forced fraternal siblings to have sex to see if the result was further twins. He drew blood from one twin and injected it into another, he removed a limb from one twin and attached it to the other twin. If one twin died in the process the other was killed since it was deemed useless. Read National Geographic Mengele’s Experiments on Twins.  Occasionally Mengele threw a live infant into an oven. Of course most of Mengele’s grisly experiments were an excuse to torture rather than to search for the answer to dual births, but he did create copious notes, “records” as it were of his hypotheses and experiments to find the answer to identical and fraternal twins.

At first it was believed he never did, but after the war, when the cowardly Mengele fled Germany, he found refuge in Buenos Aires, South America. Incredibly, Mengele lived as a free man and practiced medicine without a license in Buenos Aires for years, mainly performing illegal abortions, although he probably used anesthetic this time around. After one of his patients died Mengele came under scrutiny of the local police but the investigation yielded no further intervention. Watch The Nazi Medicine Twins Experiment He met other Nazis and escapees, among them an influential family who offered him refuge and With typical Nazi arrogance he believed he would live out the rest of his life without capture. Wrong again. Watch Interview with a nazi ss officer 1/7

When Mengele re-located to Candido Godoi, a great irony occurred in his life. Godoi, a tiny hamlet in Brazil near the Argentinian border, had an overwhelming population of identical twins. How thrilled the insane Mengele must have been upon this discovery, as there was no reason to believe he knew of Godoi’s twin population before his arrival.  Half (8 of 17) of twins examined in one study were monozygotic (identical) twins. Twin births were noted from the early twentieth century, when the first colonists included seventeen sets of twins. The Argentinian historian Jorge Camarasa proposed the theory that Mengele conducted experiments on women in the area, which was responsible for the high ratio of twins. About the time of Mengele’s arrival in 1963, the incidence of twins began to increase, leading to the current rate of twinning at 1 in 10, over half of whom are dizygotic (fraternal).

According to geneticists the most likely explanation is genetic isolation and inbreeding. Records indicate that the high frequency of twins predates Mengele’s arrival to South America. Read National Geographic Nazi Mystery: twins from Brazil. In other words Godoi was populated through incest (twincest). How close these incestuous ties are in genetic terms has not been revealed although it is unlikely the increase in twins is from first blood relations. Rather it is more likely that 1st cousins and 2nd cousins have married, or uncle-niece, and aunt-nephew. In the end, Mengele remained as ineffectual in his quest to replicate twins after fleeing Auschwitz as he had during WWII. This time, however, surrounded by twins the Mengele Monster was no longer a threat.

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