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Donahue Claims the Holocaust was a Fraud


The opposite of hate is not love; it is apathy (disinterest). Apathy is more insidious, more dangerous than hate. Why? Hatred causes evil and cruelty. Apathy looks the other way and allows it to continue. If there is to be control of war, hatred and cruelty, there cannot be apathy. There must be resistance although not necessarily of a violent nature for that begs the question of rhetoric. It was apathy and hatred that allowed the Holocaust to happen and to continue until so many millions of innocent people were slaughtered. Watch a former nazi explains how the holocaust happened 

It is apathy that insists the Holocaust never happened, that it was a fraudulent construction created to overthrow Hitler. A Jewish researcher, David Cole, refuses to believe there was a Holocaust and he has focused much of his time on disproving it. Watch Holocaust Debate with David Cole. Notice how enthusiastic Cole is in convincing people of the correctness of his views. This is evidence not only of apathy but also of fraud, much like the type behind the hoax known as the Piltdown Man in my blog Human Evolution Prohibits Incest.  Cole insists the buildings that functioned as gas chambers do not have the infrastructure to support the theory of a mass destruction of human beings. He also argues that traces of the pellets Zyklon-B were not found on the walls of the chambers. Cole argues about the numbers of Jews murdered at Auschwitz and the infrastructure of the death camps to support his belief that there was no Holocaust. That makes him a dangerous man, in denial of the pathology that was Hitler’s war. If the Holocaust didn’t happen why are there so many survivors and their descendents who discuss in detail the horrors of the camps and the numbers who died? How is it possible that Mengele managed to murder 3000 twins through grisly experiments at Auschwitz? Watch Holocaust Debate with David Cole Part 3  Eventually David Cole becomes so frustrated that he leaves the show. The audience cheers.

So much denial and so many excuses are made by people who would insist the Holocaust didn’t happen. My question is why? That there has been a Holocaust is undenial, even David Cole admits to that. He insists however that the Holocaust was not about Jews; rather it was about the nature of the war and that non-Jews were also sent to concentration camps (true). However the overwhelming number of Jews slaughtered in the camps clearly outnumbered non-Jews and this is one of the basis of Cole and other’ skeptic’s arguments. Many of the accepted facts about the Holocaust that have been argued against by skeptics include:

  1. soap was made from Jewish corpses
  2. Jewish skin was used to make lampshades
  3. gas stoves were used as crematoriums
  4. flames were visible coming out of chimneys
  5. Jews were massacred because of their Jewishness
  6. The Holocaust was a Jewish persecution

Watch 4/4 Gas Chamber Deniers

Most of the skeptics’ arguments against the Jewish Holocaust are rhetorical, the details, irrelevant. Does it matter if a door to a gas chamber opens inward? Does it matter if it has a lock? 1,000 prisoners crammed into a “shower” are going to make it impossible to open the door and escape. A lock was the last thing the door needed. Was skin used to make lampshades? If so that was a lot of lampshades and one wonders who used them and how they were dispersed. It’s possible they were made. It’s possible they weren’t. This doesn’t disprove the Jewish persecution. I am not satisfied that the skeptics on the Donovan show held a strong enough argument to disprove the Holocaust. A few pieces of rhetoric here and there isn’t substantial proof of anything. The one argument that impressed upon me as to the likelihood of gas chambers not being present in every concentration camp was Cole’s research into the walls of the gas chambers. He claimed there were no traces of Zyklon-B in many of the chambers, depending on which camp he visited. He also argued that Zyklon-B was used to de-louse clothing in the camps and this fact is also true. And let’s not forget that there were actual showers, not just gas chambers.

In the end the film footages of thousands of emaciated Jewish corpses piled upon one another, the pictures of twins awaiting Mengele’s wicked hands, the random cruelty of SS officers convinces me the Holocaust was indeed a Jewish extermination plot. How else have historians found papers between the upper ranking militia detailing the processes of The Final Solution?  Even captured war criminals admitted the language Jewish persecution was couched in made Jewish persecution easy and guiltless.  Perhaps in denial people try to escape the horrors humans are capable of performing against one another. Jewish persecution or not, the Holocaust happened without a doubt.  Cole might wish to view this video: Heinrich Himmler admits to the Holocaust


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  1. Well, its unfortunate the Jews lie so much, when 5 to 6 million get killed, for peddling smut, and other charges of crimes that are admittaly vague, people assume its a scam. Stop being so dishonest, and greedy. Thats why your hated

    Comment by katie | June 30, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m not sure I am comprehending your post. You state that Jews lie and are hated. Then you state that 5 – 6 million of them are killed for peddling smut (what does that mean anyway) and that people assume “its a scam”. Assume what is a scam? Are you for or against the Jews? Seems like you are anti-Semitic. I would argue that the Jews were not murdered due to “peddling smut” (still don’t comprehend the meaning of that comment). They were slaughtered for being Jews and no other reason.

      Comment by teacher | March 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. This is a great game which is established by jews for the Muslim to occupy the palastine and also played for the antichrist do you think I am lies so watch the arrival docomentry . I am Muslim Andy also a khan and this is a fact

    Comment by lalzada khan | May 13, 2013 | Reply

    • to which documentary are you referring?

      Comment by gothrules | May 13, 2013 | Reply

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