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Body Language


In my last blog, You Sexy Thing, You, I mentioned that movement was a significant factor in sex appeal, which essentially translates into body language. I couldn’t agree more. Watch science of sex: sexy walk. This too has a genetic explanation. People with a sexy walk send out the signal that they are healthy and can reproduce and care for young. It seems odd that geneticists would throw that one into the ring but it makes sense when you look back on Neanderthal behaviours. Neanderthals weren’t the best-looking species of human (they were human however) and thus their strength and body language conveyed a stronger message about breeding and child care than visual appeal. The same, believe it or not, holds true today.  If anyone knew about a sexy walk it was Marilyn Monroe. One of her techniques was to have one heel of her shoes shaved down 1/4 of an inch shorter than the other to exaggerate that swagger.  Check out that walk in Niagara – 1:44.

Along with body language of course body shapes have a significant impact on our sexual reactions to people. A man inspects a woman’s breasts after the face (surprise), since they symbolize sexual maturity. The waist to hip ratio is significant in both men and women. The more exaggerated the waist to hip ratio in a woman, the more shapely and generally the more attractive she is rated. Watch Science of sex appeal: shapely figures. Breasts, full hips and buttocks all added up to one important message to our Neanderthal friend: good genes and strong health. The lower half of the female form suggested she would have relative ease in childbirth and the larger her breasts suggested to Neanderthal male the easier it would be for her to nurture his offspring.

It gets a little more detailed. Playboy types of men want an ample-breasted woman. The small-breasted woman is preferred by a religious, submissive type of man. A fuller figured full-bottomed woman attracts a guilt-prone obsessive man (bit of a perv). An unergetic man tends to favour a smaller behind. The inhibited, shy man likes long legs. An extroverted, rather histrionic man likes a woman with shorter legs. It would appear there is someone out there for everyone. Watch body shape you find attractive can say a lot about you. 

Nervous women like skinny men. Fatties attract conservative, older women. The classic body-builder man attracts extroverted women. A somewhat skinny physique appeals to a rebel. A mildly overweight man appeals to a conventional, intelligent woman. An average physique attracts an experienced, liberated woman.  Watch Body Type.

You know that accusation that women are shallow based on their perception of a man’s car? Well it may not be so shallow: there is an evolutionary excuse for that. Women’s perception of power and strength in a car relates to cost and speed. Women spend much of their lives looking to “nest.”  A man who presents that status symbol assures her that he has the goods to take care of her and their future offspring. Watch science of sex appeal: what attracts women to men Now you can’t tell me that Neanderthal man drove a Porsche but perhaps he was the prototype for the slogan “walk softly and carry a big stick (shift?).

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