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Donahue Claims the Holocaust was a Fraud


The opposite of hate is not love; it is apathy (disinterest). Apathy is more insidious, more dangerous than hate. Why? Hatred causes evil and cruelty. Apathy looks the other way and allows it to continue. If there is to be control of war, hatred and cruelty, there cannot be apathy. There must be resistance although not necessarily of a violent nature for that begs the question of rhetoric. It was apathy and hatred that allowed the Holocaust to happen and to continue until so many millions of innocent people were slaughtered. Watch a former nazi explains how the holocaust happened 

It is apathy that insists the Holocaust never happened, that it was a fraudulent construction created to overthrow Hitler. A Jewish researcher, David Cole, refuses to believe there was a Holocaust and he has focused much of his time on disproving it. Watch Holocaust Debate with David Cole. Notice how enthusiastic Cole is in convincing people of the correctness of his views. This is evidence not only of apathy but also of fraud, much like the type behind the hoax known as the Piltdown Man in my blog Human Evolution Prohibits Incest.  Cole insists the buildings that functioned as gas chambers do not have the infrastructure to support the theory of a mass destruction of human beings. He also argues that traces of the pellets Zyklon-B were not found on the walls of the chambers. Cole argues about the numbers of Jews murdered at Auschwitz and the infrastructure of the death camps to support his belief that there was no Holocaust. That makes him a dangerous man, in denial of the pathology that was Hitler’s war. If the Holocaust didn’t happen why are there so many survivors and their descendents who discuss in detail the horrors of the camps and the numbers who died? How is it possible that Mengele managed to murder 3000 twins through grisly experiments at Auschwitz? Watch Holocaust Debate with David Cole Part 3  Eventually David Cole becomes so frustrated that he leaves the show. The audience cheers.

So much denial and so many excuses are made by people who would insist the Holocaust didn’t happen. My question is why? That there has been a Holocaust is undenial, even David Cole admits to that. He insists however that the Holocaust was not about Jews; rather it was about the nature of the war and that non-Jews were also sent to concentration camps (true). However the overwhelming number of Jews slaughtered in the camps clearly outnumbered non-Jews and this is one of the basis of Cole and other’ skeptic’s arguments. Many of the accepted facts about the Holocaust that have been argued against by skeptics include:

  1. soap was made from Jewish corpses
  2. Jewish skin was used to make lampshades
  3. gas stoves were used as crematoriums
  4. flames were visible coming out of chimneys
  5. Jews were massacred because of their Jewishness
  6. The Holocaust was a Jewish persecution

Watch 4/4 Gas Chamber Deniers

Most of the skeptics’ arguments against the Jewish Holocaust are rhetorical, the details, irrelevant. Does it matter if a door to a gas chamber opens inward? Does it matter if it has a lock? 1,000 prisoners crammed into a “shower” are going to make it impossible to open the door and escape. A lock was the last thing the door needed. Was skin used to make lampshades? If so that was a lot of lampshades and one wonders who used them and how they were dispersed. It’s possible they were made. It’s possible they weren’t. This doesn’t disprove the Jewish persecution. I am not satisfied that the skeptics on the Donovan show held a strong enough argument to disprove the Holocaust. A few pieces of rhetoric here and there isn’t substantial proof of anything. The one argument that impressed upon me as to the likelihood of gas chambers not being present in every concentration camp was Cole’s research into the walls of the gas chambers. He claimed there were no traces of Zyklon-B in many of the chambers, depending on which camp he visited. He also argued that Zyklon-B was used to de-louse clothing in the camps and this fact is also true. And let’s not forget that there were actual showers, not just gas chambers.

In the end the film footages of thousands of emaciated Jewish corpses piled upon one another, the pictures of twins awaiting Mengele’s wicked hands, the random cruelty of SS officers convinces me the Holocaust was indeed a Jewish extermination plot. How else have historians found papers between the upper ranking militia detailing the processes of The Final Solution?  Even captured war criminals admitted the language Jewish persecution was couched in made Jewish persecution easy and guiltless.  Perhaps in denial people try to escape the horrors humans are capable of performing against one another. Jewish persecution or not, the Holocaust happened without a doubt.  Cole might wish to view this video: Heinrich Himmler admits to the Holocaust


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Incest, Twins and The Angel of Death


Josef Mengele, Auschwitz, was irrefutably one of the most diabolical Nazis during Hitler’s rule. A sociopath with a medical license, Mengele was handed hundreds of thousands of Jews to kill, torture and conduct atrocities upon which he did utterly without conscience. As it turned out Mengele was obsessed with identical twins, how they are replicated and if it was possible to control their replication; that is to control the reproduction of identical twins. It was based upon Hitler’s wish to re-populate Europe (and eventually the galaxy, no doubt) with his Aryan race that got Mengele to thinking about the controlled reproduction of identical twins: if it was possible to create twins between random matings the spread of the Aryan race would double, spreading over Europing at twice the rate of single births. Watch Josef Mengele The Angel of Death

Mengele began experimenting in all manner of ways: he forced fraternal siblings to have sex to see if the result was further twins. He drew blood from one twin and injected it into another, he removed a limb from one twin and attached it to the other twin. If one twin died in the process the other was killed since it was deemed useless. Read National Geographic Mengele’s Experiments on Twins.  Occasionally Mengele threw a live infant into an oven. Of course most of Mengele’s grisly experiments were an excuse to torture rather than to search for the answer to dual births, but he did create copious notes, “records” as it were of his hypotheses and experiments to find the answer to identical and fraternal twins.

At first it was believed he never did, but after the war, when the cowardly Mengele fled Germany, he found refuge in Buenos Aires, South America. Incredibly, Mengele lived as a free man and practiced medicine without a license in Buenos Aires for years, mainly performing illegal abortions, although he probably used anesthetic this time around. After one of his patients died Mengele came under scrutiny of the local police but the investigation yielded no further intervention. Watch The Nazi Medicine Twins Experiment He met other Nazis and escapees, among them an influential family who offered him refuge and With typical Nazi arrogance he believed he would live out the rest of his life without capture. Wrong again. Watch Interview with a nazi ss officer 1/7

When Mengele re-located to Candido Godoi, a great irony occurred in his life. Godoi, a tiny hamlet in Brazil near the Argentinian border, had an overwhelming population of identical twins. How thrilled the insane Mengele must have been upon this discovery, as there was no reason to believe he knew of Godoi’s twin population before his arrival.  Half (8 of 17) of twins examined in one study were monozygotic (identical) twins. Twin births were noted from the early twentieth century, when the first colonists included seventeen sets of twins. The Argentinian historian Jorge Camarasa proposed the theory that Mengele conducted experiments on women in the area, which was responsible for the high ratio of twins. About the time of Mengele’s arrival in 1963, the incidence of twins began to increase, leading to the current rate of twinning at 1 in 10, over half of whom are dizygotic (fraternal).

According to geneticists the most likely explanation is genetic isolation and inbreeding. Records indicate that the high frequency of twins predates Mengele’s arrival to South America. Read National Geographic Nazi Mystery: twins from Brazil. In other words Godoi was populated through incest (twincest). How close these incestuous ties are in genetic terms has not been revealed although it is unlikely the increase in twins is from first blood relations. Rather it is more likely that 1st cousins and 2nd cousins have married, or uncle-niece, and aunt-nephew. In the end, Mengele remained as ineffectual in his quest to replicate twins after fleeing Auschwitz as he had during WWII. This time, however, surrounded by twins the Mengele Monster was no longer a threat.

sir francis galton father of eugenics

population control: eugenics connection part I

david rockefeller speaks about population control

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Human Evolution Prohibits Incest

The history of evolution has a simple explanation as to why we find incest repulsive, at least if you believe in Darwinism. Where and how we began, and how we managed to evolve into a superior species are explained in The Origin of Species. Watch Human Evolution Made Easy. Neanderthal, hominid fossils, human remains across different continents reveal evolutionary steps in the human species. The one “fossil” that made little sense was Piltdown Man, a hoax invented in 1913 and solved in 1953 that had some of the science world fooled. The lower mandible of Piltdown’s jaw came from an orangutan and the remainder of the skull was human. A man

named Charles Dawson who discovered the skull, was suspected as the perpetrator of the hoax.   Watch Origin of Species Human evolution proves resistant to incest with good reason: incest results in defective offspring since the bloodline between siblings and parent-child is too close to be safe in producing children. The progeny of incestuous relationships therefore have a higher mortality and sterility rate than normal. However there have been families known to marry siblings to one another. If siblings are raised apart for many years, it is feasible they can be married. The same is true of parent-child marriages (weird). This practice occurred in Ancient times among royal families of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome who wished to retain family power and wealth. In Roman Egypt sibling marriage was fairly common and socially accepted. However in the animal world incest occurs quite rarely. Read The Enigma of the Incest Taboo.

 Edward Westermarck developed a theory about how incest came to be a social taboo. He claimed that close contact with a person during childhood created an aversion towards sexual relations between the two family members later in life, stating “ there is an absence of erotic feelings between persons living very closely together from childhood.” From this reasoning Westermarck states that “a natural human aversion towards incest develops into a cultural taboo since it defies social norms “(it’s warped).  Freud capitalized on that one when he came out with the Oedipal concept, suggesting that boys become sexually attracted to their mothers at a certain age unless his unconscious mind quashes that idea and he identifies with his father.  Freud was all about sex. Watch Uncertainty Avoidance

The article The Evolution of Incest Avoidance Mechanisms asks the question “what would be the fate of a mutation that made mothers sexually attractive to sons, in a world where mothers found sons attractive also? ”  A mutation of this type would be the result of a double recessive gene, a recessive gene being the submissive gene compared to a dominant gene. That’s a good thing since a recessive gene is almost always over-ridden by a dominant gene and therefore it is more difficult for a recessive gene to pass onto the next generation. However if such a possibility as sexual attraction to one’s own offspring or one’s sibling can be expressed through a gene and this gene is easily replicated then we get into  (creepy) trouble. Watch science of sex: incest

It would appear that we have nothing to worry about in that area at least as far as nature can help. The human geonome has evolved to create revulsion between two blood-related kin when they are raised together and are aware that they are genetically related. However if the two are raised apart and are ignorant of the fact that there is a blood relation, a sexual attraction, although unlikely, is a remote possibility. It is nature’s ability to create a psychological aversion between blood kin that seldom if ever happens. Even human senses, such as our sense of smell, develop an aversion to kin. Body scent, controlled by the immune system, is very similar between siblings and parent-child.  Nature does whatever it can to prohibit human and animal incest although nature’s goal is not based on social taboos, but rather on the avoidance of genetically damaged, infertile and unhealthy offspring. Watch science of sex appeal: unsexy scents

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Body Language


In my last blog, You Sexy Thing, You, I mentioned that movement was a significant factor in sex appeal, which essentially translates into body language. I couldn’t agree more. Watch science of sex: sexy walk. This too has a genetic explanation. People with a sexy walk send out the signal that they are healthy and can reproduce and care for young. It seems odd that geneticists would throw that one into the ring but it makes sense when you look back on Neanderthal behaviours. Neanderthals weren’t the best-looking species of human (they were human however) and thus their strength and body language conveyed a stronger message about breeding and child care than visual appeal. The same, believe it or not, holds true today.  If anyone knew about a sexy walk it was Marilyn Monroe. One of her techniques was to have one heel of her shoes shaved down 1/4 of an inch shorter than the other to exaggerate that swagger.  Check out that walk in Niagara – 1:44.

Along with body language of course body shapes have a significant impact on our sexual reactions to people. A man inspects a woman’s breasts after the face (surprise), since they symbolize sexual maturity. The waist to hip ratio is significant in both men and women. The more exaggerated the waist to hip ratio in a woman, the more shapely and generally the more attractive she is rated. Watch Science of sex appeal: shapely figures. Breasts, full hips and buttocks all added up to one important message to our Neanderthal friend: good genes and strong health. The lower half of the female form suggested she would have relative ease in childbirth and the larger her breasts suggested to Neanderthal male the easier it would be for her to nurture his offspring.

It gets a little more detailed. Playboy types of men want an ample-breasted woman. The small-breasted woman is preferred by a religious, submissive type of man. A fuller figured full-bottomed woman attracts a guilt-prone obsessive man (bit of a perv). An unergetic man tends to favour a smaller behind. The inhibited, shy man likes long legs. An extroverted, rather histrionic man likes a woman with shorter legs. It would appear there is someone out there for everyone. Watch body shape you find attractive can say a lot about you. 

Nervous women like skinny men. Fatties attract conservative, older women. The classic body-builder man attracts extroverted women. A somewhat skinny physique appeals to a rebel. A mildly overweight man appeals to a conventional, intelligent woman. An average physique attracts an experienced, liberated woman.  Watch Body Type.

You know that accusation that women are shallow based on their perception of a man’s car? Well it may not be so shallow: there is an evolutionary excuse for that. Women’s perception of power and strength in a car relates to cost and speed. Women spend much of their lives looking to “nest.”  A man who presents that status symbol assures her that he has the goods to take care of her and their future offspring. Watch science of sex appeal: what attracts women to men Now you can’t tell me that Neanderthal man drove a Porsche but perhaps he was the prototype for the slogan “walk softly and carry a big stick (shift?).

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You Sexy Thing, You

Speaking of organ donation in my blog What do Organ Donation and High School Students Have in Common the one major organ I blogged about determined whether to pull or not to pull (to be or not to be) the plug. Of course I’m referring to the brain, our most essential organ yet ironically the one organ that we can’t donate …yet. Naturally there is reason to believe we are heading in that direction, not so much transplanting the entire organ perhaps but tissues and even connecting synapses to assist people with neurological conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Disease.

I digress. In your opinion what is the sexiest part of a woman/man? What makes a person sexy?  Beautiful breasts? Long legs? Broad shoulders? Thick hair? A suave accent? All of those preceeding answers are completely wrong. Your brain is the sexiest organ in your body. How’s that? Your brain releases hormones, pheromones and neurotransmitters that send out and receive sexual signals. This doesn’t mean you are on the prowl looking for a sex partner every time you leave the house. But your brain is almost constantly receiving and giving sex signals every day. Watch Science of Sex Appeal – Out of Your League?

140,000 years ago catching food, finding shelter, not getting eaten by a sabre tooth cat, and reproducing were the raison d’etre for every species of human. The male was always the aggressor, hence the higher frequency men today think about and generally seek out sex. The female looked to make a “nest”by reproducing and raising young once every 2 – 3 years and retaining the care of her mate. Hence women’s need for sexual loyalty from their partners: a straying partner is a threat to their sense of security for themselves and their young.  Watch Science of Sex Appeal – The dating and mating pool

Sexologists observe human behaviour and have made a close parallel to our ancestors’ behaviours and our own behaviours today. Here is an example:  a young woman stands at a red traffic light. Nearby a man with a child in a minivan is waiting at the light. He looks her over, for several seconds. Her eyes flicker over him then look away seeking men who appear to be available. The reason? He has made a nest with someone else and he is not available to make one with her. She is uninterested in unavailable men and instinctively seeks out single men. Her behaviour is about passing on her genes to a future generation. She refuses to waste her energy on a man who has nested with someone else.

This case study provides strong evidence that sexual attraction and arousal is visual. Stranger, it isn’t the physical appearance of another person that is the strongest initial attraction between people: it is movement. Queen summed up  this concept quite poignantly in a hit song entitled  Body Language. A coordinated and athletic person sends the signal that this person has good genetic stock and that adds to his or her attractiveness.

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Tit for Tattoo

Ever wondered where tattoos originated? The history is age old and spans across many cultures. Here is an interesting speculation: the first tats probably were created by accident. someone had a small wound, and rubbed it with a hand that was dirty with soot and ashes from the fire. Once the wound had healed, they saw that a mark stayed permanently. Cool. In 1991 the perfectly preserved corpse of a 5,000 year old man was found on a mountain between italy and austria bearing 57 tattoos. Weirdly the places on his body where the tattoos were placed suggested they were used for arthritic disease.  I wonder if he had any luck? Maybe we’ve been overlooking something here.

Tattoos are permanent because they penetrate the upper layer of skin (epidermis) and stain the 2nd layer of skin (dermis). The dermis is responsible for a youthful or an aged look. It’s the culprit that develops wrinkles, brown and white spots, stretch marks, and causes sagging to the epidermis as we age. If tattoo ink couldn’t reach the dermis it wouldn’t be permanent. Read SPFs, Sunburns, Sunlight and Summer. Tattoos are very personal and usually reflect cultural, spiritual or personal beliefs. Thousands of years ago they were used to ward off evil spirits and bring the blessing of gods and good spirits to the wearer.

The first record of Japanese tattooing reveals the Japanese began using tattoos in 279 AD. The Japanese, like many of us today, were into tattoos for their esthetic value and not for supernatural or magical reasons.  Borneo still practices the art of tattooing exactly as it did for thousands of years. Cool. Well if it ain’t broke… Speaking of broke if there is one culture that wins the Most Painful Tattooing Technique Award it goes to Africa. African skin is too dark to tattoo in the traditional manner so Africans use a small knife to make “scarifications.” These involve lifting the skin a little, making a cut and rubbing in special sand to make a raised pattern. They are read rather like braille. I can’t imagine the agony.

Ancient Romans used tattoos to mark criminals and slaves. The words “tax paid” were usually tattooed onto slaves. Imagine being tattooed as a criminal? You were branded for the rest of your life even after you’ve served your time. Sucks. England had a gracious means of using tattoos: they brought Polynesian people home with them after their travels to display their tattoos in lecture halls, demonstrating how primitive natives were compared to the elite Europeans. Nice. Blue bloods.

The ultimate sign of loyalty for a gang member anywhere in the world is a tattoo of the gang’s symbol. Tear drops underneath the eye and spider webs on the elbows indicate the number of gang murder victims.

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SPFs, Sunburns, Sunlight and Summer

Do you remember the worst sunburn you’ve ever had? Even if you don’t remember some of the nastiest sunburns you’ve ever had, your skin does and if you are somewhere in your 40’s and over, you are only now beginning to display its effects. And it might get worse. You know why? All that confusing talk about UVA and UVB rays still amounts to one thing: radiation. So far-reaching is a UVA skin burn that it ages your skin and takes its toll for decades after exposure. Watch Quick sunburn relief – sunburn treatment and remedies Meanwhile since then you’ve had lots of exposure to UVA rays: carpooling when you got the window seat and thought you were the lucky one – you didn’t know UVAs were penetrating the glass and damaging your face. Same with driving on your own in the summer. Women wonder why they have red, saggy skin on their cleavage when the whole time they’ve been driving without sunblock on their chests. Discouraging isn’t it? And it is the UVA rays that are mostly responsible for this damage, not as much the UVBs. That’s because:

  1. UVB rays only penetrate the top layer of skin (epidermis), which is about as thick as a silk scarf and has no nerve endings or blood vessels…it has only basal cells and melanocyte cells (you’ll read about the importance of melanocyte shortly)…that’s the layer of skin you are damaging with sunburn.
  2. UVA rays act like a light x-ray – they penetrate to the 2nd layer of skin, the dermis, also called the “true skin” which replenishes and renews itself only once every 28 years. Seriously.   28 years. Watch how to eliminate under eye circles.
  3. We have a 3rd layer of skin that lies beneath the dermis – the hypodermis – but this doesn’t apply to sunburn, rather it is effected by third and fourth degree burns. Interestingly fourth degree burns cause so much damage they are painless.


The dermis is responsible for your face and body’s youthful look and damage to the dermis is what presents as “aging“. The dermis has all the collagen, elastin, blood vessels, and nerve endings in your skin, and prolonged exposure to UVAs cracks and shrinks the collagen and elastin, which in turn reduces the size of the DERMIS. This is what allows the top layer of skin (epidermis) to droop and hang off the face and body. Don’t get mad at the poor epidermis.  If you end up with saggy skin or other permanent blemishes, that’s the dermis talking:

  • Intensive UVA exposure causes blood vessels in the dermis to become permanently dilated (open) and that gives white or light skin a constant red appearance.
  •  The few melanocyte cells in the dermis either die, leaving white spots, or become overactive, leaving brown spots.
  • Watch Burns: Classifications and Treatments

Here’s even more good news: as of now there is no technology guaranteed to remove brown spots and for some people (although not everyone) some procedures make them worse. Watch how to remove brown spots. Remember in the 1980s when sun beds were touted as the safest way to tan because all you got in them was UVA rays? Even some dermatologists bought into that bull. In fact so strong are UVAs that they can penetrate light coloured windbreaker jackets and pants. UVAs penetrate the ozone layer all year round so even though you don’t “tan” in the winter, you are still getting exposure to this most damaging of damned rays. Read UVA-UVB SUN Rays


Thankfully we have protection from the evils of the UVAs (sort of like Raid scaring the bejappers out of bugs on those quacky commercials). Wear sunblock all year, even in winter when it’s sub-zero temperatures outside. How hot or cold it is has nothing to do with the strength of UVAs. During winter, the northern hemisphere turns away from the sun as earth rotates its little, round, fat self on its axis; this is what affects UVA strength and this is why you cannot get a sunburn. However even the earth’s turn away from Mr. Sunshine doesn’t entirely block those powerful UVA rays, so yep, your skin is still getting cooked.  Crazy. Even in spring when it’s raining? you ask. Yep – the weather doesn’t make a difference in damaging the dermis either. Watch does moisturizer with SPF work?


Usually I wear an SPF of 50 – 60. Starting in my early 20’s I used 25 and then into my 30’s it was 30. Now I’m using 110SPF and I have a friend who uses 70SPF.  Guess which one of us is getting the most sun protection? Neither. The person using SPF 30 trumps both of us. No kidding. After SPF 30 sunblock doesn’t get significantly more protective and in fact 50 or over may possibly, although not proven, damage skin in some manner. This is what the research said in the article I enclosed in this blog. Meh. The jury’s out. Here’s something I do sort of believe: you only need 1/3  –  1/4  tablespoon of sunblock to cover your whole face and a “shot glass of sunblock” will do for the body.  One problem: I can’t see how spreading such a minimal amount of sunblock can cover the whole bod, even on a small child. Scientists and their doctorate degrees. Pah. Watch Most common mistake when applying sunscreen.

Lately the protection to seek out in your sunblock isn’t only SPFs. The Japanese have invented a system known as PA, and it rates from one + to three +’s. The PA system indicates protection from UVA rays, thus protection for the dermis. Your ideal PA content is PA +++. Watch Understanding Sunscreen UVA ratings

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Skin Sins and Fabulous Fixes


The epidermis is the topmost layer of skin. It has no nerve endings or blood vessels and is comprised of basal cells, melanocyte cells and a couple of other oddball things. The dermis the 2nd layer of skin and is comprised of nerve endings, collagen, elastin and some melanocytes. The epidermis is damaged by things like sunburn, acne and chickenpox scars. The dermis reveals this damage and causes an aged look to the face. Sun exposure is the number one culprit that damages the dermis, although cigarette smoking, facial expressions, aging, squinting in sunlight, alcohol, genetics, and stress are also factors. Watch how stress affects your skin.


  1. “Skin sag” happens when  collagen and elastin shrink and crack, and gives the epidermis less dermis to hold onto.
  2. When melanocyte cells in the dermis die this presents as white spots on the face and body.
  3. Wrinkles and fine lines happen from everyday facial expressions.
  4. Redness, or lack of even tone, indicates dilated blood vessels which happens due to UVA ray exposure. watch How to treat facial redness and red blotches.
  5. Acne and chickenpox scars are no one’s fault… although squeezing pimples can lead to staining/scarring. Watch how to treat milia If you are determined to unload that pimple watch how to pop a pimple. However give this some thought: Watch popping a zit can kill you. 
  6. Flaky, dull skin is the result of an excess of skin cells that have built up on the epidermis. This is remedied with exfoliation. Watch At what age to start exfoliating.
  7. Stretch marks happen from weight gain and loss, growth spurts and childbirth. Watch what are stretch marks?


Retinol-A – the miracle cure – There are all kinds of skin care products that promise remedies for ugly wrinkles and hideous fine lines with the inclusion of Retinol-A. While Retinol-A can be helpful to the epidermis it won’t reverse aging. You need 3 skin care products on a daily basis:  an anti-oxidant, a glycolic product and sunblock. Watch the 3 essential daily skin care products.

Micros rock. They feel good and they erode the built up dead skin cells on the epidermis. In your teens, 20’s and 30’s your epidermis renews itself every 28 days. By your 40’s and over this slows and a micro is a very effective exfoliation.Watch why you should exfoliate every day.

Glycolic peels
 are pretty great too. They also remove dead skin cells built up on the epidermis. Most estheticians start with the mildest level of glycogen since this peel has an acid base. Watch the different between glycolic and saliscylic acid.

Facial resurfacing removes the upper layers of the skin on the face (epidermis) without invasive cosmetic surgery.  It  reduces fine wrinkles, sun damage and even mild scarring.  It also tightens skin, evens out pigmentation and improves acne or chicken pox scars. Watch it’s not just wrinkles the 3 keys to perfect skin

These are effective non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Botox works because it freezes the muscle beneath your skin.Wrinkles are reduced since those muscles cannot move. watch how does botox prevent wrinkles? Filler fills in the deep lines and cracks in your skin. Both procedures are temporary. watch is botox dangerous?

This is the big gun of skin improvement. Cosmetic surgery affects both the epidermis and the dermis. Mini face-lifts and full face-lifts tighten the jawline and the overall “sag” to your skin by pulling up the facial skin and muscle.

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