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Suicide Hood is No Robin Hood Story in Oregon

Interesting article this one. I found it not surprisingly in weirdnews.com.  Oregon votes to outlaw sale of suicide kits  Sounds scary doesn’t it? Actually its a hood with a hose. That’s it. The buyer has to find and purchase a gas such as helium to transfer through the hose into the hood, thereby committing suicide.The state of California sells helium to anyone whether or not it is for medical use.  A 91-year-old grandmother makes and sells the kits, marketing them for terminally ill people who don’t want to live anymore.  Oregon outlawed this hoodie for 3 reasons:

  1. unethical means of making money

  2. false medical advertising by stating it is for terminally ill people and  the manufacturer has no medical license)
  3. mentally ill people may also access the hood to commit suicide


(1) Unethical means of making money? Consider the sale of bongs and roaches. Clearly these are paraphernalia used to smoke an illegal substance yet the sale of these items is legal. A bong is also used to smoke tobacco, but really does anyone buy a bong to smoke cigarettes?  Suppose people did, well the suicide hood doesn’t  have to be used to commit suicide. People into macabre art might hang it up on their wall. Someone else might use the hood as a hat in the winter to keep warm. Consider that the American Constitution allows all Americans the right to “bear arms” (guns).  Is that not only selling someone a means of committing suicide but also murder? It’s not like Granny invented a suicide bomber hood you know.  Watch 91-year-old woman arrested for selling suicide kits.

(2) False advertising since Granny doesn’t have a medical license.  Fine, remove the words “terminally ill” from the product and its advertisements.  Mere rhetoric. Perhaps Granny should replace them with the words “mentally ill?”Is the IRS annoyed that it is unable to tax the 91-year-old suicide angel for the sales? Are the senators involved in the vote against the kit going to be campaigning again soon? I smell a rat. I am not arguing the right or wrong of a suicide kit and making of a profit off it. I am presenting a  logical viewpoint about the sale and manufacture of it. The kit is not dangerous. The use of the kit as it is intended is dangerous and the user is fully aware of that.

(3) The mentally ill may access the hood to commit suicide. Don’t the mentally ill have the same right to commit suicide as everyone else? Or does their “madness” make them second class citizens? If they’re sane enough to go online and order a suicide hood then they’re sane enough to know if they want to keep living or not.  Perhaps the Oregon government would argue that a mentally ill person might be depressed rendering them incapable of making a rational decision.  Wouldn’t everyone who used the hood be depressed?  Can chronic pain or a terminal illness not depress people?Hamlet struggled with these issues…his descent into madness and the right to kill himself …(to be or not to be). Hamlet obsessed throughout the whole first act about taking the easy way out after his daddy’s ghost ordered him to off his uncle. Frankly I think Hamlet wasn’t brave enough to kill himself or his uncle. He wouldn’t have used the suicide hood if you plugged it in for him and he was the government. Maybe the 91-year-old entrepreneur is living in the wrong century. She should have lived in the 1600’s when the law was more current than it is today.


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