40 years of faulty wiring

Stupid Syndromes Substitute for Sensible Behaviours

The 21st century syndromes that have been invented for people who exhibit extremely immature  traits are laughable. Legitimate syndromes such as Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Turney Syndrome and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) are an example of the real deal. Then there are invented “psychological” syndromes. In no particular order:

  1. Sexaholic Syndrome/Addiction (what?). It is defined (by whom I wonder) as “a popular model (I’ll say)  to explain hypersexuality—sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts that appear extreme in frequency or feel out of one’s control.” “Sexologists” don’t  agree whether the phenomenon represents an actual addiction or even a psychological/psychiatric condition. Some sexologists recommend a 12-step method of treatment, like AA. Watch Family Guy Phone Sex. Sexaholic Syndrome is a convenient way to explain away irresponsible behaviour without suffering any consequences. It’s all about a complete disregard for people’s feelings and acting like a high school kid.
  1. Obesity I posted about this one already. There are legitimate reasons why people become obese. I mentioned and defined those before. However my research also uncovered the finding that  “environmental and behavioural factors have a greater influence – consuming excess calories from high-fat foods and no daily physical activity will lead to weight gain.” Did you know a 55-year-old maintenance worker named Caesar Barber is sueing Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King for his obesity because he became addicted to their food?  Read Ailing Man Sues Fast Food Firms. Now here is a different man who is advertising his indulgence in Big Macs as an accomplishment…wouldn’t you know he is skinny and healthy? WatchMan eats 25,000th Big Mac. (13 bites per Big Mac btw) Perhaps he will start a BigMacAholic Syndrome.
  2. Shopaholic Syndrome If anyone has a love of shoe shopping it has to be me but I don’t blame my trite behaviour on an addiction. Pah! I’m greedy and weak and damned proud of it. Who gave people the right to spend like fools and blame their immaturity on a non-existent syndrome? There are even shopaholic support groups and, get this, they charge a fee. Of course they do or SS  people wouldn’t be interested. The shopaholics should read my blog Living in America During the Eurozone Crisis of 2012.  That oughta take them through all 12 of their SS steps with one reading. Here’s another step: stop being a jackass.   Watch How to tell if you are a shopaholic. This video insists Marie Antoinette, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana were shopaholics, mind you they could AFFORD it. Alright so all three ladies were using the tax payers’ money but there’s no fighting the establishment…unless you start a Revolution and cut off the head of the  government’s head.
  3. Peter Pan Syndrome  You know the old “men who want to stay boys and never grow up“. My friend dated a loser like that. He was so immature everything he wanted had to be fun. He snow-mobiled all winter whether she could go with him or not. He went fishing and boating all summer whether she wanted to partake in such hobbies or not. He went to his mommy’s cottage whether she could go or not … which she stopped doing entirely. Some therapists believe in the Peter Pan Syndrome and attribute it to “over-parenting.” So I’m to understand that it’s not that they can’t help being Peter Pan, they enjoy it, meaning they’re immature and irresponsible and like it that way. Grow up Peter. And Wendy.
  4. Bookninja Diagnosing Literary Characters with Syndromes If this don’t beat all what does? Didn’t know there was such a thing. Interesting blog that states the fictional character Mr. Darcy from Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice has been “diagnosed”by some insane critic as having asperger’s syndrome. What? A literary character from the 1800s with asperger syndrome? Now we’re even applying syndromes to fictional characters? The blog author suggests shooting “the idiot who came up with this drivel.” Finally, no argument here.

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