40 years of faulty wiring

Ridiculous TV ads from the 1950s

The 50s were a time in North America when Federal government tried hard to make people return to classic male and female roles after the Second World War.  There was a strong feminist backlash: women wanted to work; they wanted their independence; they wanted their own money. Men wanted their wives back in the kitchen while they continued as the sole breadwinners. Must have been a few divorces over that one, eh? The idiotic sexist/racist media propaganda to influence a return to sexist roles  included utterly inane television ads in the 50s and 60s, as well as short films and documentaries that were an insult to human intelligence.

Racist Jello Ad – at the end of the ad the narrator says: “is good commercial, no?’ Um, no.

1961 First Ever Barbie Doll’s Boyfriend Ken Commercial – gee, it’s swell

1950’s ad for VEL detergent – 4:02 – he’ll never have to help with the dishes

FAB detergent – “that’s just like a woman!”

50’s Marilyn Monroe Royal Triton Commercial – “put royal triton in Cynthia’s little tummy.”

Awesomely sexist Pepsi commercial – stay slim and beautiful for your husband by drinking Pepsi (MM part II)

Vintage Ad- Volvo – better get her an automatic

1964 sexist Riviera Ad – an awesome machine that only a man can really understand

Mysoginistic Goodyear Tire Commercial – when a woman’s at the wheel look out!

Attitudes toward working women in the 50’s – should she really be working?

Sexist old coffee ad – harvey’s birthday coffee – she admits her coffee sucks!

Old Sexist Ad – Folger’s Coffee – the girls at the office make way better coffee than her

Value of Housewife #1  if the housewife’s time is “not too highly valued”

Before Women’s Lib – a little clip from Leave it to Beaver – “women can’t cook outdoors they need modern appliances.”

50s sexism in Mickey Mouse club – every girl gets a complete makeup analysis

Short documentary for companies who needed encouragement to hire women.  “The Trouble with Women.” Hey at least this one tries to back us up by 1950s standards.


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