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The Effects of Extreme and Continual Social Isolation

Isolation can mean one of two things: people who aren’t welcomed into a group or extreme neglect of a person. watch social rejection. The latter of course is usually abuse.  Social rejection among peers occurs for a number of reasons:

    1. a child lacks adequate social skills
    2. a child exhibits abnormal behaviour
    3. a child is immature for his/her age
    4. a child is of low intellect
    5. watch do you have a personality disorder?

Consequences of social isolation/rejection This is subjective. watch love hurts but break-ups cause real pain Generally speaking psychologists and criminologists observe:

    1. anti-social personality development
    2. externalizing problems through aggression/bullying/anger
    3. internalizing problems through anxiety/depression/suicide

Analysis of 15 school shootings between 1995 and 2001 found that peer rejection was present in all but two of the cases (87%). Rejection contributed to the shootings, but poor impulse control and psychopathology were also present. Watch Bowling for Columbine 1/12  Michael Moore Triphazer

The classic case of “Anna” presents the consequences of extreme isolation. Anna was an illegitimate child born to a retarded mother. The grandfather, enraged at the birth, placed Anna in foster care, but she was returned to her grandfather and kept alone. She was removed from the home when she was six. She couldn’t walk, talk, or do anything intelligent. By ten she had the mental development of a two-a-year-old. Researchers state that Anna’s condition resulted from her environment and heredity reasons: I’m willing to bet her environment was a more significant factor. watch dangerous ground

Active Neglect Anna’s case demonstrates active neglect: it was intentional and cruel. However active isolation is not the same as active neglect. watch Family Guy – lois mom mom mommy Sick children might have to be isolated at a hospital, and this experience can be very traumatic. Watch explaining isolation to your child 
Passive Neglect
Passive neglect results from the unintentional neglect of a person. watch family guy dinner with nudists.  Although it is unintentional it is as devastating as active neglect. Watch neglect.wmv

Predictors of Criminal Behaviour Social isolation/rejection as predictors of criminal behaviour Psychiatrists believe a combination of depression and social neglect are possible predictors of criminal behaviour: most non-mentally ill incarcerated prisoners were isolated in their childhood. watch informal social control. An outcome of social rejection is deviant social association:  the rejected person is accepted by social deviants not regardless of deviant behaviour but because of it. watch social control.Criminals displaying extreme deviant behaviour (see my blog serial killers: myths, modes, and mannerisms) are not accepted even by deviant peers.  Here is a tongue-in-cheek 1950’s video changing deviant behaviour 50 – 60s

Sexual Orientation and Social Rejection For decades, people have been isolated due to sexual orientation. The rejection of LGBT teens leads to depression, social isolation and suicide. To informed minds this video describes pedophilia, not homosexuality.  boys beware! homosexuals are on the prowl! is laughable but sadly there was a time when it was not.  watch family guy who’s your daddy watch It Gets Better – LGBT Anti-Bullying Movement


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