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Facts You Didn’t Know (Really) About the 12 Types of Eating Disorders

You are familiar with the three most common types of eating disorders (ED) of course: bulimia, (binge eating then purguing through vomit, enemas, laxatives, and over-exercising) binge eating,(eating excessive amounts of food without purging) and anorexia (self-starvation). watch gorgeous gorge.  Here are 9 variants on these EDs you didn’t know about:


  1. rumination syndrome –  regurgitation of food which is re-chewed and re-swallowed or discarded.
  2. diabulimia disorder – manipulation of insulin levels to control weight.
  3. food maintenance – children in foster care with abherrent eating behaviours.
  4. purging disorder – a person who constantly purges without binging.
  5. female triathlete disorder –  disordered eating behavior, amenorrhea, and decreased bone mineral density.
  6. Eating Disorders Otherwise Not Specified – for example a female of normal weight who is anorexic.
  7. Pica Syndrome – a person who eats inedible objects such as dirt or paper clips. Watch dirt eater.  watch bank ruptured
  8. Night eating syndrome – consists of morning anorexia, evening polyphagia (abnormally increased appetite for food).
  9. Orthorexia nervosa is an obsession with a diet where it interferes with a person’s life.

People who struggle with EDs may overcome their afflictions but will never be “cured.” Watch anorexia’s living face (this woman is now deceased).

Causes – Biological

Genetics – Genetic predisposition accounts for EDs although this behaviour can be altered by environmental infuences.

Biochemical – dysregulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. Children who have Tourettes or OCD and have suffered strep throat or scarlet fever may be predisposed to an ED. watch embarrassing bodies: boy with eating disorder back at clinic

Lesions – on the right frontal lobe or temporal lobe of the brain.

Tumours – in various areas of the brain.

Obstetrics – mothers who smoke, had anemia and gave birth either prematurely or to a low weight child watch mommy’s minute eating disorders and pregnancy

Body dysmorphia – a neurological condition where a person sees various body parts as deformed.  These people are unable to stop agonizing over what they believe are their deformities. watch too ugly for love – part I

Causes – Psychological

Learned behaviour – if a mother has an ED it is likely her daughter/son will follow in her footsteps. Watch binge eating part I

Self-loathing – body hatred and low self-esteem. Watch thin – eating disorders part I

The Media – of course, Old Faithful is a huge influence. watch face the facts – teens and media

Emotional abuse – families that torment the “fattest” family member drive him/her into an ED. watch 9 physical and mental symptoms of verbal abuse I knew a girl whose family was obese including her 2 sisters. They decided she was the fattest, poked fun at her and made her into the family scapegoat.

Sexual abuse – some young women gain or lose tremendous amounts of weight so they will be less attractive or “invisible” and won’t be approached by males. As many as 50% of anorexic and bulimic women

Personality traits –  may have a genetic component. An obsession with perfection and a need to control oneself if that person’s environment is unstable.  watch anorexia vs obesity

Social Isolation – remember my blog Serial Killers: Myths Modes and Mannerisms, stating that social rejection was a key factor in pathology?

Foster homes – as many as 25% of children raised in FHs have EDs watch children sexually abused foster home pennsylvania, 11 children in home

Dysfunctional homes – I have a friend (“Fran”) whose mother taunted her about her weight when she was a teenager. In her 20’s she changed her eating and exercising habits, although she also had an ED. For revenge, Fran embarrasses her mother by buying her  gifts of clothing she knows are too small for her. watch the underlying causes of eating disorders

And now to lighten the mood:  Family Guy: Who wants chowder?

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